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Ok, I had this thought, hopefully you guys can indulge me with this

RULES- You pick 1 writer and 1 artist and place them on any book of your choosing (current or cancelled). There should be 3 Dc and 3 Marvel titles, and YOU CANNOT SWAP COMPANIES.

Lets begin..


  • Scot Snyder
  • Ivan Reis
  • Brett Booth
  • Scot Lobdell
  • Doug Mahnke
  • Geoff Johns


  • Steve Dillion
  • Brian Michael Bendis
  • Jonathan Hickman
  • Frank Cho
  • Stuart Immonen
  • Matt Fraction
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I'm not sure about the rest, but my dream team would be Snyder and Capullo doing a Batman series.

...... Oh wait.

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Power Girl 
Writer: Peter David 
Artist: Frank Cho           

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Writer: Neil Gaiman 
Artist: J. H. William III 
No Caption Provided
Writer: Scott Snyder 
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
No Caption Provided
Uncanny X-force 
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan 
Artist: Gabriele Dell'Otto
No Caption Provided
Young Avengers 
Writer: Brian Wood 
Artist: Phil Noto
No Caption Provided
Writer: Jonathan Hickman 
Artist: Alex Maleev
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