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Who is the most polarizing hero/villain? For example: I love Bane, while others hate him, and there aren't many in between.

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I love Harley Quinn, others find her stupid and annoying.

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Based on reading these forums, I think Superman clearly falls into that category.

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Batman and Joker both. But, as far as the furthest extremes go, Storm by a mile.

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I love the Love Sausage.

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Superman, I can't explain why tho

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Probably Superman.

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I can understand why some people would love Superman, he's one of the first heroes, probably the most famous and has had some great stories, I have no explanation for the extreme hate he gets tho. I get that not everyone is going to like a character but there are some on here that act like Superman killed their mom or something.

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For me, it's Deadpool. I know a lot of people love him but I just find him immature and irritating.

I can understand the Superman hate. He is the first famous superhero and has been consistently hailed as the best for 70+ years. So everyone who thinks their favorite character is the best will think that they should get more recognition but don't because of Supes. So he has the most fans but also the most detractors. I would compare him to the Yankees. The Yankees have been consistently good for a very long time. If you ever look at polls of who the favorite baseball team is . . . it's the Yankees. If you look a poll on who the most hated team is . . . it's the Yankees. Success brings love from those who are fans but hatred from those who are fans of other teams/characters/or anything else really.

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Like wolverine but ppl hate him and hate hal jordon but has a lot of fans.

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I love Kid Omega because he's a punk. Most people hate Kid Omega because he's a punk.

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superman he gets an extremely high amount of love and an extremely high amount of hate, most of the hate is due to ignorance though

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Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, Damian Wayne, Cyclops, and Green Arrow. I love them all, but many people seem to hate them, especially Guy, Hal, and Cyclops.

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@YoungJustice said:

I love Harley Quinn, others find her stupid and annoying.

this. Same with Deadpool.

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Not sure how true this is, but I like John Stewart as the best green lantern. I don't really like Hal Jordan. Idk if people really hate John, but I know some people dislike him.

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Iron Man after the Civil War

Wolverine for being overused

and Storm at least according to this site.

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Superman, you either love him, or hate him, I haven't come across many who just ''like'' him.