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My second born has shown the slightest interest in comics and I want to strike while the iron is hot. I could neve get his older brother to even look at a comic (I think mostly to spite me) and I don't want to miss my last oppurtunity to share one of my passions.

I know of Young Justice, Batman Stikes, Adventures of Superman, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, Justice League Unlimited, Batman: Brave and the Bold, and the soon-to-be-out Animated Green Lantern.

Are there any more superhero-esque titles out there that could interest a 10 year old boy?


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Give him some of your old comics that you've enjoyed.

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I would try seeing if he likes superhero cartoons to, alot are on DvD. As for comics Gladstones School for World Conquers is very charming and suitable for all ages, dont forget about Batman Beyond it has a 3 new ongoing comics (Batman Beyond, batman beyond unlimited, Justice league beyond) it also has a earlier comic series Batman Beyond and a cartoon animation as well.

For cartoons there are too many to write but Static Shock was decent

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Marvel Adventures Spider-man

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Perhaps you should try to get him stuck on the cartoons (Batman: TAS etc.) that would show if he has an interest in superheroes or not.

Don't forget, you can get him the chronicled versions of Superman, Batman etc. as comics up until the bronze age were very kid-friendly.

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The Boys

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I'm trying to avoid just sitting him in front of the t.v.. I have got him a couple of the Adventures of Superman and he read those and said he'd like more. I just know there are more out there in the back issue boxes, just don't know the names. That's why I was looking for some more suggestions other than the ones above. I didn't know about Marvel Adventures Spider-man. Thanks.

Any others?

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Teen Titans Go! was a good series for kids, and it's based off the tv show. I think silver age comics would be alright for kids too. Sonic the Hedgehog books from Archie are good and fun kid's books too.