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Hi Guys.

I hope you are all well.

I work for a team of writers and artists currently working on a crime noir graphic novel called CULLIVER CITY, and are launching the first issue CALL 1-800-KILLAGUY in July 2013.  

Culliver City is set in a fictional American City of Criminals, run by Criminals, for Criminals.  70% of the City's inhabitants are Civilians who know nothing about the deep rooted secret of their colorful City.  But the remaining 30%, the Citizens of Culliver City - from the low-level street dealer to ex-gunhand-turned-Mayor - live by a set of rules that allow crime to thrive in the City like any other capitalist industry, yet completely hidden from the FBI.

We are currently running a kickstarter campaign http://kck.st/WZiy1n to help us launch at London MCM Expo in May 2013, and we would deeply appreciate your help.  Please help us reach our target by visiting the kickstarter page, donating and sharing the page with your friends.

Thank you and happy reading!

Mayor Morgan