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On January 28th 2013, Cartoon Network and Warner Bros announced the cancellation of "Young Justice" and "Green Lantern the Animated Series". Both of whom gained a large cult following throughout its existence. On Nov. 2010, for the first time, the fans were introduced to Young Justice and throughout the next few years, each fan of the show enjoyed its:

  • Character development throughout each member of 'The Team'
  • Storylines that have drama, suspense, betrayals, and a little bit of humor
  • Exposure to some of the obscure characters in the DC Universe and revamping them to become popular characters of the series (ex: Artemis Crock, Bumblebee, Doctor Fate, etc.)
  • Mythology gags and homages from past DCU productions and comics

In the following year which is Nov. 2011, on the heels of the recent live action film adaptation of the Green Lantern franchise, viewers were also introduced to the CGI animated series "Green Lantern the Animated Series". Throughout each episode, each fan or "Fanterns" if the fanbase would like to prefer, explored a series of space-centric story arcs like the Rise of the Red Lanterns, the Anti Monitor and not to mention a lot of romance in between them like the developing relationship between Razer and Aya and like Young Justice, loads of homages to past Green Lantern stories.

As a fan of these two shows, I feel upset that both of your popular shows on Cartoon Network is getting cancelled (I'm sure alot of other fans of GLTAS/YJ feel the same way too.) Each time we view these episodes, we enjoyed each storyline of each show engrossing it in the process.

In closing, after you sign this petition, go contact Cartoon Network and/or Warner Bros. and ask them nicely to keep Young Justice and Green Lantern on the air. Also, when they introduce two new shows "Beware the Batman" and "Teen Titans Go!", ask or suggest them not to replace YJ and GLTAS with these new shows which can fill in their soon to be 'old' timeslots on the network but to maybe EXPAND the DC Nation block into so it two hours so it'll be like a 'win-win' situation becuase we still want to see more episodes of YJ and GLTAS and to possibly have the same respect for "Beware the Batman" and "Teen Titans Go!" if they air alongside those two shows.

Thanks for reading and we hope that we can have a Season 3 for Young Justice and Season 2 or 3 for Green Lantern the Animated Series as well.

Sign this petition at this link: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/815/798/251/keep-young-justice-and-green-lantern-the-animated-series-on-the-air/

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I love Young Justice, and I'll sign the petition, but I think the problem is, kids only like Adventure time and sponge bob, if it isn't weird and colorful with spam tactics, they don't like it. Only real fans keep it alive, and comic shows can't bring that many new fans with the younger kids, I've seen it, I know anecdotal evidence isn't everything, but kids not raised by comic fans are watching other stuff and never think about even flipping on the comic shows. Although I was kid not raised by comic fans who developed into one, so I have hope there are still some, just not as many. My 5 year old cousin got an ipad for christmas and can even fathom what an imagination is, he couldn't get past "spiderman is cool because", and then his comic book hero fascination died :/ It was quite sad, I was trying to nurture it, but instead he's into shooting people in COD :[

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Another thing to try is this: I'm sending fan letters en mass to CN. If the letters are in by noon (EST) on Monday the 4th, I'll include them in the box.

Here's the email to send them to: saveyjandgltas@gmail.com