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I read Dan Slott run since issue 648, I enjoyed it although it was not perfect, needless to say I did not like 700 but I trust in Slott and know this will blow over. Although I read the first two issues of superior and found they were not to my taste ... Does it get better? Or should I wait for this to "Blow over" ??

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@figuredout95: Superior Spider-man in my humble opinion has been good. There are a few nagging things that prevent it from being great. However over in Avenging Spider-man Superior has been damn great! Avenging Spider-man as from 15.1 is by far the best Spider-man title running at the moment both for art and writing.

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The main title is not, IMO. But Avenging Spider-Man absolutely is.

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You should just wait for it to 'blow over." Although I do find the run better after the first two issues, I would not recommend reading the later issues if the first two were not to you taste.

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I'm enjoying it, I like seeing a more bad ass Spider-man.

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It's a piece of history in Dan Slott's run. I would definitely stick with it, I'm sure even when it's over things from it will come up that you won't notice later if you skip it.

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