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I mean they often played with stereotypes, echoing or close to replicating plots from various media, the worst offender is trying to replicate their own stories with the most success or popularity from long ago, or just trying to change every classic, unconnected stories into their new story arcs which can be a headache for the most hardcore fan, imagining what it would do to new fans.

I want to hear your opinion if you agree, partically agree, or disagree and maybe think of existing or new ways to fix this problem. (Innovation is greatly appreciated in this blog!)

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im pretty sure they try to be innovative but its mainstream, just like mainstream movies and music are redundant

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@Allie_Ho: Well, mainstream media, in general is quite unoriginal, but it depends what you're looking for, i guess. The medium and those who run i tend to be portrayed as the bad guys, but in truth, they are generally only reflecting what the public want. So, for example, comic companies publish stories of a certain type because that's, traditionally what people buy. I think if you want something different, that is out there too, but you just have to try a little harder. But in answer to your question, i do think that mainstream comics are unoriginal, but i think that's their purpose.