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Hi everyone,

I am seeking a professional sequential artist for a 5 page comic book submission. Said artist must be able to color his/her own work. I can only afford a page rate of $50 per page and a percentage based on sales if published. This project will be a resubmission to Image Comics as well as other comic book publishers. Please Note, you must be able to complete all 5 pages no later than August 17th, 2009.

All percentages are after a recoup of my initial out of pocket investment paid to the artist.

Artist - 80% of monies made by Creative Team w/ 20% to writer.

As the writer, it's not about the money to me at this point. It's about putting out a great product and building a comic resume with published material.

This is NOT a superhero comic. It's more of a mystery with a small sci-fi twist.

Other Styles That May Work Well:

I will use these 5 pages in an attempt to secure a publishing deal for a 5 issue mini-series or trade paperback. If you are selected as co-creator you must be available to complete the remainder of the project, for a total of 60-80 pages. If you are unable to make such a commitment, please DO NOT contact me.

When contacting you MUST include the following information:

[*]Links to sample of [U]sequential pages[/U] you have done. If you don’t have [U]sequential[/U] samples, do not contact me.
[*]Can you follow the script? If the script reads “Character A is wearing a beanie.” The illustration better show Character A wearing a beanie.
[*]Do you meet deadlines? If you say you can complete the 5 pages in two weeks, complete the pages in two weeks. If you’re the type that is always late, don’t contact me.

Additionally if you’re hired I want you to be passionate about the comic book medium and this project. You must be willing to agree to a contract stating that you will be able to complete the remaining 60-80 pages within a specific time frame if the comic submission is accepted and published.

Let me thank you in advance for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.