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If u was in comics who's villan would you be and why yes its marvel dc darkhorse or all u can have more then 1 and what would your name be as well as your powers ability weapons and would u accompany yourself with

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I would want to be a Flash rogue, after all he's nice enough and he might end up helping me out later.

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Ok I'm going off on a limb here. My name would be m3th and I would be Spider-Man's villain. Why? Well frankly any hero would pretty much do but I like Spider-Man. I also feel like he won't kill me and he's willing to go easy on criminals.

Edit: I would join King Pin to see first hand his Empire. I would follow Osborne to try Ans steal some tech. I would hang out with Schocker to get to know him. I would join Doc Ock and I can keep on going.

My powers would be a mixture of Luke Cave's, Wolverine's, & Spider-Mans. I'm just throwing it out there.

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Spiderman villain

Animal theme

The honey badger

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taskmaster a villian who's a merecenary & gets money.

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Deathstroke a villain who's a mercenary & beat the JLA

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superior spiderman i be a blade viian

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I would be a villain known as Batman and beat everyone.

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I would be the villain that gets beat up by everyone.... :(

But really, I would go after money and wouldn't be entirely evil. I'll still have my morals. I'll be part of Flash's Rogues Gallery!

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I would be the Grammar Nazi, and I would be the OP of this thread's reckoning....

or Black Adam.

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Minster Sinister........

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I'd be a batman villain briefly. I say briefly because I'm not going to beat around the bush, I'd just kill him. His lower face is open, and under his chin, shoot him there. I'm surprised none of the batman villains who try to kill him have yer to try it. Just use a long range sniper rifle. Bang, dead.

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People who didn't read the OP, you are not saying which existing villain you would be but which hero you would be a villain for and you're making up your own villain for you.

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@vortex13: Yeah right.

I would make it my mission to kill Punisher.

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at the moment i'm in a juggernaut kind of mood

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Very much like Darkseid.

The real Darkseid. Kirby and Morrison's version. Villain to all.

God of Evil. Tyrant. Immortal. Impossibly powerful.

Call myself Obelisk or something.

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Someone like Darkseid or Professor Zoom.

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I will be a Daredevil villain like Bullseye

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the most amazing assassin yet no one has chosen him yet, i'm gonna be :


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Lol, no one is answering the question right.

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I'd be an multi hero villain. I'd be known as Mr.Laser and would shoot a beam out of my mouth shoop da whoop style.

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I wouldn't necessarily be a villain. More of a Booster Gold type a guy. I'm in it for the bucks and the sponsors. Occasionally I would get in the way of the Flash, and maybe, have a grudge against him. My powers would be teleportation, intangibility, and tk.

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Lex Luthor or maybe Wrath,possibly Bane.