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I'm not in the habit of dreaming about comic book characters, but I talked to John Constantine last night.

I've been feeling down that a story I've been following for half my life will be handed over to people that will, most likely, disappoint. Hellblazer is the last of the old Vertigo, when it looked like illustrated literature for adult readers would survive and thrive.

I asked John if it bothered him that his legacy would be left in the hands of "suits." He took a long drag on his Silk Cut (damn, I miss cigarettes!), loosened his skinny tie (I finally stopped wearing them) and glowered at me.

"What the fuck do I care?" he said.

I woke, oddly, at peace. Constantine never worried about what people thought of him, why should I? The minute sales slip, they'll kill off his friend, Chas. For all I know, his wife is doomed already. I don't have to buy the new book, and I don't have to care what happens. I have 25 years of killer stories I can reread at any time.

Plus, Hellblazer's cancellation frees up more money to spend on the quality indie books I now enjoy. Indie's much closer to early Vertigo than today's DC, anyway. Just let it go.

Today my only regret is I didn't sleep long enough to do a couple shots with John and laugh about being "musicians." He was in Mucous Membrane the same time I was playing punk clubs. We were both front men with more attitude than talent. I dated a couple women who looked a lot like his wife, but I'm not dumb enough to tell him that.

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