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So I feel I need a vine best bro. Its nothing really special but just someone on the vide who 1. Has similar interests 2. Plays some online games 3. Suggests good reads 4. The most important thing is that a cv bro alerts his bro when there is a girl on the forum (since there are like 2 of them) and will then be said bros wingman. But I also have 3 questions and its not so much how you answer them but how you back them up. 1. Do transformers buy car or life insurance? 2. If I got superpowers but they were incredibly lame or useless would you tell me or even be my sidekick? 3.if carrots are good for your eyes can they dial a telephone?

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As much as I want to help and answer this kool,you lost me after the lame powers etc.....Lol...And the only online games I play is GTAV on 360.....

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TheCheeseStabber is around somewhere :D