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I was thinking of doing a battle with him vs another character, but I would like to keep it from being a "spite battle".

If someone could tell me how strong he is, and maybe post some scans too, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your time.

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Joe is one of Bruce Banner's Hulk personalities... Strength wise he is the weakest of the three personalities Banner has manifested. I've read somewhere that Joe could lift 70 tons. That's not bad considering he's smart, crafty, and still has mad healing/regeneration powers... So, I hope that helps.. He's Class 70 in strength, crafty, and somewhat vicious...

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Well, he could still get angry and become Savage. So his strength depends. 70 class is just his "Joe Fix-it" persona.

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He's the weakest form of the hulk so I'd say roughly around as strong as The Thing or Luke Cage.

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@Battle_Forum_Junkie: When you said Joe Fixit for some reason i thought you were talking about Fix-it Felix...

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@Teerack: Luke Cage is as strong as Thing?

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@MandoViking Yeah, Thing is WAY above Luke in terms of strength, he shouldn't be ( Luke needs an upgrade) but he is.
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He is generally depicted to not increase in strength through rage, and consistently around the 70 tons + range, and has extremely good durability, stamina, and strength.

He is more intelligent than Savage Hulk though, and was actually in Las Vegas as a casino owner. He can talk pretty much normally, and was somewhat clever.

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@Teerack said:

He's the weakest form of the hulk so I'd say roughly around as strong as The Think or Luke Cage.

I know it was a typo but... "The Think" I actually LIKE that idea!!! A super hero, or villain, called THE THINK!!!! he's brilliant and... um.. thinks... a lot... like a REAL lot... Maybe he's a reality warper and makes things disappear by saying, "I think NOT." or...something...

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@MandoViking: @WaveMotionCannon: Luke is weaker then The Thing, but he's a lot faster in terms of reaction time, so they kind of even out, or at least from everything I've seen of them they both seem to be around the same power level.