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I finish up reading my Ultimate Spider Man books. I love them. Yet it dawn on me that the books that are written in 12+ years in real life makes up only a mere year in the Ultimate Spider Man comics!

This is insane to me, he fights so many villains and has so much going on, in a mere year!? He could not even developed proper skill in that time!

So I was wondering now about 616 Spider Man and the 616 Universe. After 60+ years of crazy battles, team ups, and adventures, just how many years has passed for 616 Peter and the heroes of the 616 Universe?

This also leads to another question of Captain America. He was frozen for a good while from WW2 time (Real Life and Comic) to the day he was discovered. Was he Frozen for like a mere 2-3 years Marvel time frame!?

It is crazy.

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The weird thing is, in older comics they were quite happy to say what year it was, so it really was like time was going past with no-one looking any older.

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About 52 years, give or take.

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I'd say it been 10 years at least for the 616 universe is my random guess

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Cap was frozen in 1945, and when he was thawed out by the Avengers, his estimated age was around twenty-five. So at the start of the Silver Age he was around 25, and in real life it's been about fifty years since the 60s. A rough estimate of 5 real years = 1 Marvel year, puts Cap to about 30, which is more or less an accurate number, give or take two years or so.

Or something like that, I don't know, that's the way I see it. Math has never been my strong suit.

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I really like to know how old Peter was before death.

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I really like to know how old Peter was before death.

Mid twenties.

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Peter was like a junior in high school when he got his powers. Since then he's graduated college and been married. My guess is like 14 years.

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Around 12 years if you don't count stuff back before Cap was frozen.

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If you take Peter Parker into consideration, he was sixteen when he became Spider-Man. Before the most recent events, he was roughly in his mid-twenties. So about a decade.

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The general rule that Marvel uses is Franklin Richards' current age + 2 or 3 years.

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If we follow Spidey's life then when he started he was about 15 and now before his death he was probably in his late twenties,so like about a decade or a even a little more.

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Amazing how much Technology change in a decade. 10 years ago in Marvel, compueters were as large as a building! Now they have IPods!