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Ya Metropolis is near me.

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Well the town I live in does not have a comic store but I'm a 15 minute walk away from a train station and a twenty minute train journey away from my nearest comic store in glasgow

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3 shops within a 20-30 minute drive. (Two of them are sister-stores)

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My LCS is literally 5 minutes from my house which is good for me and bad for bank account. There's also 2 more less than 20 minutes away and few more not much farther than that. I stick to the one closest to me they do a great job and I really like the people there.

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I have access to two very good "mom and pop" type stores with amazing customer service. One is about a five minute drive from my home.

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I have to drive 40 minutes to get to my comic book store. So 80 minutes both ways, for a damn book. I just order them online now.

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There are 2 relatively close to me

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Man, reading these comments is depressing. What did you guys do before digital comics were around? (Speaking to the ones who buy digitally due to no shops near them)

Anyway, I have two shops near me.

One just opened up about 3 to 4 months ago called Escape Pod Comics. It's a nice, small place, loaded with tons of indy GN's as well as Vertigo stuff along with some DC and Marvel GNs. It has a decent amount of old comics but as for the newer comics, it lacks a lot. It's still getting on his feet though so I understand but I fear for the shop. The town it's in isn't very ... comic reader friendly.

Then I have Collectors Kingdom, which has been around for about 30 years (in the opposite direction of the former shop). Great people there. They have just about everything from the weekly books, TPB/HCs, GNs, collective figurines, action figures, some costumes, movies, and some other neat stuff. I prefer there despite it being a longer drive, but only by like 5-10 minutes depending on traffic.

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One near my house called "powerhouse comics". I go there all the time.