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My understanding is Flash is very limited, I didn't grow up watching/reading DC cartoons. All I know from the forums is that Flash has super speed, can IMPaunch and speed steal. In a clip where he fights against Zoom (I think that's his name) he is also able to create ice on the side of a rocky surface.

Anyways my 'not understanding' of Flash lies in his ability to IMP. Wally, Frank they're all humans, am I not right? Now with a durability of a human, wouldn't IMPs shatter his arm or upper body, cause the laws of physics state that every force has a counter-reacting force.

Something along those lines. Any clarification would be nice, thanks.

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@shninja: The Speed Force(the source of the various Flashes powers) protects them.

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well that solved everything. Thanks.

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The sheer act of increasing his mass through light speed travel would also kill him if not for the Speedforce.