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Review author: Mike Murray, owner/operator of MyComicStore.net

Harbinger #0

I don’t need to do this every week. If you’ve read any of my posts, reviews, or articles anywhere then you know of my absolute love for all things Valiant. It’s not just Valiant, though, as every week I read the same comic book series. I don’t need to review every book every week. So I’ll do it quickly…

Harbinger Zero. Great book! It’s an introduction to the man we know will be the main protagonist to Peter Stanchek. His history is told as a story, not to us, but to someone else in the story and I liked the way it was done.

Shadowman #4

Shadowman #4 is freaking fantastic! Turns out the monkey was real, though…

All-New X-Men is still one of the best Marvel books out there right now. This issue features some great character moments between young Cyclops and Wolverine and young Cyclops and Mystique. Very engaging book. Somebody actually asked me last night if I was reading this one and that conversation turned into a love fest.

All New X-Men #7

Hawkeye #1 – 7 is something I finally got around to and I knew I wanted to read it. Because it’s getting a ton of mileage I chose to read the individual issues now rather than read it as a collection. Marvel’s not releasing this one as a HC, but only giving it the trade paperback treatment. I hope I didn’t order it! It was good enough for what it was, but this would have been better served to have been treated like a re-invention such as any of the Ultimate Universe or Marvel Knights comics. As a Marvel U book I found it to be a little bit of a letdown. I like the idea that it’s series of non events and out of costume minutia but the downside is that it definitely has a lack of depth.

Hawkeye #1

Hawkeye #7

The re-invention of Clint Barton has him up on the roof of his apartment building having a cookout with his neighbors. That’s brilliant! It also has him stealing money and that’s asinine! The dog he adopts is just way too cliche for me. I told a couple of people that I’m trying hard to enjoy this and that should be the lead indicator there. Matt Fraction’s just not getting it done for me.

David Aja for the most part looked good when he provided the art. There’s no doubt it’s got that Frank Miller Sin City feel, but David seems more of an artist than Miller so I found it to be lacking in that gritty realism that so defines Sin City. Javier Pulido is a replacement artist for issues #4 and #5, a story entitled The Tape, and it looks like they’re trying very hard to make it look like an Aja impersonator. That just left me feeling the art was bad.

This is a series that there may be a lot of people talking about, but it won’t be me. I didn’t hate it. I just didn’t like it.