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Back again with a crossover edition of 5 fights I would want to see. So let's establish something quickly, this would be pre-52 versions for the most part. Remember the rules here. This is not a debate, this is not who stomps who. This is me explaining the fights I would want to see and done properly.

1. Batman vs Captain America.

The plot belt shield vs the star spangled shield. The Dark Knight vs the Super Soldier.

This is one of comicdom's most heated debates and it is split down the middle on who would win. But let's face it, either side you are on you have to admit this would be fun to watch. Steve and Bruce are incredible physical specimens, both have been incredible martial arts prowess and both are incredible at what they do on the battlefield and with what they do with their weapons/gadgets respectively. The fight will be a long and tough one, and tide can turn in the blink of an eye due to one proper move, one well placed shot, one gadget or shield play and the ball changes court. It would just put any martial art movie to shame. Sorry Shang- I mean Bruce Lee.

Wolverine vs Deathstroke

The Terminator vs The Animal. Prometheum meets adamantium in this bout.

Wolverine by John Romita Jr.
Faces of Evil: Deathstroke

I think this would be my favorite fight to see out of the list. Both of these guys are just the best at what they do. Both are enhanced physically, both incredible fighters, have potent healing factors, DS has a plethora of gear and Logan has his claws. The fight will be fierce between these killer(s). It will be blood and drawn out and I don't see either one of these guys walking out scot-free of injuries. Slade might have his other eye plucked out and an arm missing while Logan has half his face blow off and a sword through his ribcage. In short, this fight will be brutal.

3. Darkseid vs Thanos

Do these guys really need introductions?

The Thanos Imperative #4

Let's just get to the Groot I mean root of this. I just want to see two of the biggest titans in comics go at it, is that so much to ask?

4. Silver Surfer vs Superman

The Korn-fed Kryptonian (see what I did there?) vs the Cosmic Wayfarer.

Another heated debate in comics. On one hand we could just have " SILVER SURFER LIKE UM, DRAINS SUNLIGHT FROM DA ZUPAHMAN!!" or "SURFR GOTZ TAGGED BY THE RHINO, SUPES WINS VIA SPEEDBLITZ!". But I won't count that here. We have 2 of the most morally up right characters in comics and both of them are two of the most powerful beings in their respective universes as far as heroes go. The sheer power and speed of most iconic figure in all of comics vs the versatility and even own stats of one of Marvel's gems. These two may not be the most vicious characters but they don't have to be. They are both just awesome and powerful characters and I would love to see this fight take place.

5. Gambit vs Nightwing

The Ragin Cajun vs DAT ASS Grayson (your welcome ladies).

This is a fight of who can get more fangirls. Kidding. Anyways, I think this would be another fun match to see. The versatility in gear and skill faces off against the mutant that makes thing go "bang, you dead" by touching them. Both of these guys are incredibly agile and I would imagine this fight being well, everywhere. Gambit is superb with that staff and anything is his weapon, but Grayson does have him in skill and more versatility with his gear. This is another fast paced match and with how acrobatic and agile these guys are, it would be one pretty fight to see.

Bonus Round. Deadshot vs General Ross

Who has the stasche that tickles more women when they kiss them? GO!!

General Ross by John Romita Jr.

Bonus bonus round: It's my blog, I'll do whatever I want. Bane vs Crossbones

The Bat Breaker vs...the Skull Kisser.

Hit the weak spot for massive damage
Likes sandwiches - Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth #1

Because I omitted it originally and I wanted it to happen, I added a bonus bonus round. Why? BECAUSE I'M GOD SPAWN!!! So we have two of the most iconic superheroes' most awesome and challenging villains. Bane vs Crossbones. Both of these have given great fights to their respective opponents. Bane has always proved to be a formidable opponent to Batman and Crossbones has given Cap good fights. Both of these guys are very powerful. Bane is known to rip limbs of people and Crossbones has physically tested the Super Soldier. Bane has been chained up and had bricks broken against his chest and Crossbones laughed in the face of Wolverine pumping rounds into him while simultaneously getting 3 adamantium claws ripped through his stomach. 2 big badarses that are frighteningly powerful and durable, one has the mind that helped break the bat, the other is armed to the teeth.

And that concludes the crossover edition. It was a tough one picking these fights this time and had to kick out a few options. I hope you enjoy the thought of these fights as much as I had writing them. It's a bit late where I am and with a long day too, I feel like I didn't fill the fights out as much as my last one. But regardless, comment on what you think as I like hearing your guys' opinions.

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Yeah.These pick are cool.The Wolverine and Deathstroke one is the coolest.

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Fight 5 /nuff said.

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Excellent picks. Though we have seen some of these fights already, it would be better if we got some definitive answers. @god_spawn: this blog post of yours has got me thinking about which crossover fights I'd like to see and I have some ideas in mind. Is it all right if I do a similar blog post to this? It's fine if you don't allow it but I'd cite you as the original, better source and not pick the ones you already have.

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@Lvenger: I completely forgot about the Marvel crossover but some of those fights didn't sit well with me so when I do these I usually say I want a proper fight between them at the top.

And go ahead. Just use me as an original source then. And I don't mind if you use some of the same fights though as long as you aren't copying word for word.

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@god_spawn: Thank you!!! And I won't use any of your fights don't worry. I have some others in mind. Already started on it just in case you said yes :P

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Surprised you picked General Ross over Bullseye (I know it's because of the epic 'staches, but still), but regardless, very solid picks.

I'd love to see Crossbones vs Bane.

And by love, I mean I could die a happy man after reading that.

Also, awesome avatar ;)

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@k4tzm4n: The bonus is round is none too serious. It's just a joke round I decided to add at the end of each blog. The stash attack mania is just who has the better porn stash :P.

I was going to add Crossbones vs Bane, I really wanted to, but I wanted to add a few powerhouses to the list and even then I wanted to do Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer but swapped him for Supes cause I lovez me some pre new 52 big blue. It would just be an endless lobbying of energy attacks lol.

And thanks, I finished the issue last night and it was sick O_O.

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@TheAcidSkull: It's only cause of the staches.

@k4tzm4n: Done. Added Bane vs Crossbones. Too badass not to.

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Wolverine vs deathstroke would be awesome!!

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All of these would be fantastic fights.