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Everybody loves Fridays , It's the day when people are going to do some nonsense to get away from our miserable existence ( work , school etc.). There is also a restaurant that sells american goodies known as T.G.I Fridays . For a religious person , there is a Good Friday , which is good for the soul but bad for people who don't eat fish or vegetables . However , there is a song called Friday by Rebecca Black that teaches us about the days of the week ( which is pointless since we already learned that back in nursery.) Rebecca Black apparently enjoys songs that contains Fridays in it because she starred in Katy Perry's Last Friday night which tells about her dealing with a hangover (which is slightly more interesting .) . Also avoid Psychopaths wearing hockey masks and wielding chainsaws named Jason Voorhees on Fridays and 13 is his favorite date of the month . Also , Dec 21 , 2012 according to the movie " 2012" , is the end of the world .

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Well, that was actually quite funny