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Yes that is a very misleading title. But anyways I'm here to show off some superhero titles from the website DrunkDuck. Most of these comics take place in the same universe Designated the "Heroes Unite Universe" based on the largest (and BEST) Superhero Crossover comic on the Website called: Heroes Unite organized by the user Netpath
These webcomics are mostly made by amateurs , only a few of these writers/artists have professional experience, but these are great free comics to read and the audience needs to be expanded!
Here's a list of the in-universe comics 
Main Heroes Unite Universe titles: 
Heroes Unite  (Community Project, different art every couple of pages by many artist)
Heroes Alliance  (Community project, Spinoff of Heroes Unite)
Energize(Superhero comic Written and Drawn by NETPATH)   
  Bombshell (Superhero comic Written and Drawn by Jo Lipski)   
  SHELL(Superhero comic Written and drawn by fukujinzuke) 
 Fearless        (Superhero comic by NETPATH)  
  Retake(Written and Drawn by "Dave and Dan")  
 ....and many more!!! So please check them out you won't be disappointed! and feel free to comment and critique! The Authors will appreciate that!