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Lots of new number 1s have come out. So let's hear it. Which ones are your favorites, least favorites and which ones are you most looking forward too?

I really liked Winter Soldier and She-Hulk from this week. Least favorite is probably X-Force and Wolverine.

I'm most stoked for Moon Knight, Silver Surfer, and for some reason Iron Man (that cover is sick) and Secret Avengers are piquing my interest.

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Black Widow probably wowed me the most. I've been on a big spy kick for a while and I'm a longtime Phil Noto fan. Just love that series. I heard She Hulk was quite good. Pretty pumped for Moon Knight.

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I've yet to read any that has really excited me. Looking forward to Moon Knight, Iron Patriot, and Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, though, and I'm curious about Magneto and Robinson's Fantastic Four.

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I've liked almost all of them. X-Force was the only one that I didn't really dig. Black Widow is probably my favorite though

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@the_tree: Kinda curious about Iron Fist as well. Art looks great, don't know about Kaare Andrews as a writer though. Glad Danny's got his own series again.

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Black Widow so far.

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@longbowhunter: Yeah, that's my only concern as well, but I've liked what Andrews has had to say in interviews he's done. I love the art they've shown too, it really gives me a Frank Miller/TMNT sort of vibe.

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I think Ms. Marvel has been my favourite so far, followed by She-Hulk and Invaders, with Avengers World being perhaps my least favourite of the four.

I'm hoping for good things from Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, Secret Avengers and Elektra.