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There was a tv pilot of a Generation X show in 1996 and while it was cheezy, it showed promise. I think that I actually would have tested it out myself. Do you think Marvel should they try their hand out with another one (their affiliation with Disney would aid this along). The new one would have all the characters from the previous show (including the ones made specifically for show), other members like Husk and Synch, better acting, less cheeze, and better effects. Leave your thoughts below.

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The movie sucked. So, no, lets not try a show again. What I would like to see is simply another Gen-X titled comic. They could bring back whoever is still alive from the original team and throw in some new mutants. (on a personal note- i miss Banshee)

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meh. would rather see a New Mutants one instead.

could be super badass