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Which is most appealing to you & why ?

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Anti-Hero. I like a hero that wants to get stuff done by any means possible. Though I'm fine with both.

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Anti-Hero but superheroes aren't bad (i.e. Bruce Timm Superman)

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I generally stick to the classic Superheroes(i.e. Superman,batman,spiderman), but I do like some Anti- Heroes like Cyclops and Wolverine.

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I'm no cry baby.

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Superheroes are the real deal. But I do like deadpool and hitgirl

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As long as I like that character it doesn't matter what kind of hero but it seems that I prefer regular superheroes.

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I just prefer them to be damaged and flawed.

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Anti heroes.

Don't like self righteous D bags

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Anti heroes are more bad ass.

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I gravitate towards heroes.

I like some anti-heroes, but a lot of them come off as angsty, or whiners, or angsty whiners.

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Characters that are of the highest nobility are far more admirable to me.

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I like both.

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All sorts of heroes should work as long as they have interesting personalities.

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Deadpool, Wolverine, Elektra, X-23, Doom, Constantine, Jason Todd, and Hitgirl are some of my favorites.