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I am taking nominations for the Community Spotlight from last Friday up until this Friday.  Just as a reminder feel free to nominate anything you like from all across the site.  I didn't get any nominations for reviews, lists, or battles last week.  

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I would like to nominate this blog to be highlighted from poster BumpyBoo, its really different from a lot of blogs and highlights a lot of really underrated books.  
I don't know Star Wars characters that well, but JediXMan has been doing a lot of work in that part of the wiki in the last few days, and X35 is almost always likely to be doing some great work with wiki that probably goes under appreciated. Usually with reporting dupes, getting names changed properly and all manner. Will edit in later anything else.  

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I recently created an expansive list of over 400 DC locations from the DC, Wildstorm, Vertigo, and Milestone universes. It's called "Where's Where in the DC Universe". So hopefully it's liked enough and gets some attention.

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X-35. Wiki-editing goddess, writes informative and entertaining blogs (see; this, this and this for examples), makes incredibly useful lists (examples: here and here) and always carries herself with integrity, which deserves a commendation in of itself. In short, a clear choice. 
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"How about that Trodorne, I hear he is an awesome rad dude. He really is tubular on those.......... uh... NES game systems"

wow thanks for the endorsement not me making a fake quote....... *Cough* >_>

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@guttridgeb said:

Mbecks14's Why Superman is the best superhero blog. I may not entirely agree but it was clear how much time was spent on it and it makes a good argument


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one thing to add is that IrishX is doing a contest called Nightcrawler R.I.P Contest where you have a chance to win a cool free stuff