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CV's Top 100 Super-Villains List 2011 (click link for actual list...)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! Welcome to Comic Vine's Top 100 Super-Villains 2011!

Thats right! As I somehow survived hosting Comic Vine's Superhero list (check out the list and the blog!), I thought I could stand to make a sequel community list, but for Super-Villains!

Thank yous!

I would like to thank Liberty for his continued help with the planing of this list and so much more. I also thank my 3 comunicators: jubilee042, jhazzroucher, and Spiderbat87, because they helped promote this list so I really didn't have to! I also thank ReVamp, Pikahyper, Spacey and so many others who helped throughout the list process. I thank all of my 19 nominators (I can't say how much I apprishate you guys suport no matter the holidays which might get in the way! I thank everyone who I know and who voted on this list which made it what it is today! thanks to all of you!

Step One: Collecting the Nominators

First we assigned 20 publisher slots to 20 different people including: the understanding and possibly insaneBilly Batson (DC), wonderfulHaydenclaireheroes (Marvel), the cousin of PikminMania namedUltraglubber (Image Comics/Top Cow/Wildstorm Comics), the passionatePikminMania (Dark Horse Comics/Dark Horse Manga), the intelligentFinal Arrow (Dynamite Entertainment), the helpfulLazystudent (Boom Studios), the busyDr.X (Archie/Red Circle/ Mighty Comics / Impact Comics), the entertainingTheRedRobin96 (IDW Publishing), the cleverly namedCitizenBane (Vertigo Comics), the creative "NOM-inator"namedIcarusflies (Fleetway Comics/Rebellion Comics), the niceRedheadedAtrocitus (Acclaim Comics/Valiant Comics), the responsibility acceptingHawkeye44 (America's Best Comics(ABC)/Milestone Comics/First Comics), the historian, teacher, and all round crazy personTuroksonorstone and handsome and insane user namedThe Poet (both Malibu Comics and Harvey Comics/Gold Key Comics/Dell Comics), the artistically talented Decept-o (AC), the great, challenge-acceptingRazza Tazz (Epic Comics, Comico), the overqualifiedSilkcuts (Eclipse/Charlton Comics), the totallytalentedTonis [too many ts?] (Fawcett Comics/Centaur Comics), the challenge accepting and helpfulchalkshark (Nedor Comics/Quality Comics) and the EXTREMELY helpfulLiberty (Fox Comics/Holyoke Comics).

Step Two/Three/Five: 168 nominations

Each gave me 5 from their publisher and 3 from where ever for a total of 160 character.and then I opened the list for the comunity nomiantions from which I got 8 characters for a final total of 168 characters. The people who parispated in Step Five (Community Nominations) include (in a spoiler:)

  1. _slim_
  2. Adnan
  4. Chalkshark
  5. CitizenBane
  6. cosmo111687
  7. DeadJester
  8. Decoy Elite
  10. EganTheVile1
  11. Enoch
  12. entropy_aegis
  13. Gambler
  14. IrishX
  15. jhazzrocher
  16. jubilee042
  17. jubilee042
  18. kfhrfdu_89_76k
  19. Liberty
  20. Morpheus_
  21. Mr_Riddler
  22. MrUknown
  23. Pikahyper
  24. PikminMania
  25. Project_Worm
  26. ReVamp
  27. SC
  28. SilverZeo
  29. SpidermanWins
  30. The Dark Huntress
  31. The Impersonator
  32. The Poet
  33. Trodorne
  34. UltraGlubber
  35. Users:
  36. xhavoc86
  • _slim_
  • Adnan
  • Chalkshark
  • CitizenBane
  • cosmo111687
  • DeadJester
  • Decoy Elite
  • EganTheVile1
  • Enoch
  • entropy_aegis
  • Gambler
  • IrishX
  • jhazzrocher
  • jubilee042
  • jubilee042
  • kfhrfdu_89_76k
  • Liberty
  • Morpheus_
  • Mr_Riddler
  • MrUknown
  • Pikahyper
  • PikminMania
  • Project_Worm
  • ReVamp
  • SC
  • SilverZeo
  • SpidermanWins
  • The Dark Huntress
  • The Impersonator
  • The Poet
  • Trodorne
  • UltraGlubber
  • Users:
  • xhavoc86
  • Step Six: Narrowing Down/initial order

    Then, I got 22 of the following people to make lists that I took to create the initial order of the list: Billy Batson, Charlkshark, CitizenBane, Decept-o, Hawkeye446, Haydenclaireheroes, Icarusflies, IrishX, Liberty, M.S. Feathers, Pikahyper, PikminMania, Red_Crow, RedHeadedAtrocitus, ReVamp, Silkcuts, Spacey, The Impersonator, The Poet, TheRedRobin96, Tonis, and Trouble

    Step Seven: Final Order Vote

    Each user was given 5 votes and they could use it however they wanted. We had a total of 104 voters (thus beating the Superhero list's total of 81 by 23 voters), including:

    1. CitizenBane
    2. k4tzm4n
    3. The Umbra Sorcerer
    4. Decoy Elite
    5. Pikahyper
    6. IrishX
    7. RedheadedAtrocitus
    8. super_psycho
    9. Kairan1979
    10. kfhrfdu_89_76k
    11. The_Tree
    12. Liberty
    13. TheRedRobin96
    14. DeadJester
    15. Roxanne Starr
    16. catfightfan
    17. SpidermanWins
    18. Outside_85
    19. Loki9876
    20. spiderbat87
    21. Mr_Riddler
    22. Sol-rac
    23. Decept-o
    24. PikminMania
    25. SurelockeHomes
    26. _slim_
    27. Zomboid
    28. Afro_Warrior
    29. Icarusflies
    30. cosmo111687
    31. jloneblackheart
    32. Sir_Deadpool
    33. Spacey
    34. Adnan
    35. M.S. Feather
    36. Grim
    37. TerryMcC
    38. entropy_aegis
    39. GreenLanternEzekiel
    40. papad1992
    41. firewrkninja
    42. Iron_Turtle
    43. Stronger
    44. Razza Tazz
    45. delphic
    46. The Impersonator
    47. Silkcuts
    48. lykopis
    49. kashyaprn
    50. blur1528
    51. The Man of Yesteryear
    52. saiyan_earthling
    53. SC
    54. Lance Uppercut
    55. The Dark Huntress
    56. jashro44
    57. ComicMan24
    58. Dernman
    59. emperorznb
    60. KillerZ
    61. Queen's Halo
    62. Raven0207
    63. Thunderscream
    64. venomoushatred1001
    65. Hoboseid
    66. Hawkeye446
    67. TDK_1997
    68. haydenclaireheroes
    69. feargalr
    70. Bestostero
    71. kiss_lamia
    72. Nudeviking
    73. Blizaga101
    74. WhitOro
    75. GrandSymbiote94
    76. Arevish
    77. Markall
    78. AgeofHurricane
    79. jhazzroucher
    80. soccersss
    81. jorok_goldblade
    82. Queso6p4
    83. SoA
    84. jubilee042
    85. TheWitchingHour
    86. Doctor!!!!!
    87. moywar700
    88. riri4life
    89. BritishMonkey
    90. daak1212
    91. The Myth
    92. chalkshark
    93. MrUnknown
    94. PowerHerc
    95. Jekylhyde14
    96. Tigerstriper
    97. papo
    98. VanTesla
    99. killeratthedrivein
    100. Duncan
    101. Billy Batson
    102. ChadwickDavis
    103. Shatterstar
    104. The Poet
  • CitizenBane
  • Nomination Reasons

    Below, you will find the list we have created. In the comment section, users have writen why they have nominated their characters. Most were written by their nominator, but some were written by others and here to credit them are those others:

    • The Poet(Frankenstein Monster, Ultra-Humanite, Purgatori, Q, Invisible Man, Wolf Man, Gorilla Grodd, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Mummy)
    • Revamp(Black Adam, Captain Nazi, Dr. Sivana, Mr. Atom, Mr. Mind, Scarecrow, Brain Emperor, Applejack, Spider Spry , Lxo III, Maxx-13, Doomsday, Galactus , and The Claw)
    • Spacey(Jack the Ripper & Black Beard)
    • Silkcuts(Painted Doll)
    • Liberty(Holocaust)
    • Gambit1024(Apocalypse)
    • PikminMania(Brainiac)
    • jhazzroucher(Mystique)
    • Kfhrfdu_8976k(Loki public domain)
    • Chalkshark(Lady Shiva)
    • Jhazzroucher(Mystique)
    • CitizenBane(Larfleeze)
    • entropy_aegis(Promethius)
    • Icarusflies (added to Great Cthulhu)

    I hope you enjoy this list as much as we enjoyed making it! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to comment! Until then the next project (check out Liberty's project), this is Poet signing off!

    To check out who the 68 Runners up were for this list click on this link!

    1. Joker

    Batman's arch nemesis. The yang to Batman's yin. Being 70 years old character not much of his origins are known. Only him accidentally falling into a chemical bath is known. Every comic book fan knows what he's done or is supposed to know. While not possessing any powers aside from pain resistance, tainted blood and immunity to his own Joker Venom, he's made one of the biggest impacts in the DC Universe. The two most well known deeds are paralyzing the first Batgirl, Barbara Gordon and killing the second Robin, Jason Todd, with a crowbar! He's also the most notable inmate in Arkham Asylum. Has appeared in other media such as the animated series and movies, the Batman live action show and movies.

    2. Lex Luthor

    The man with hatred towards aliens. While not being having any superpowers he's still managed to be Superman's greatest foe using his brain. Lex is and has been lots of things. The CEO of his own corporation, LexCorp, the president of the United States and an Agent Orange. He's also made various warsuits, created Superboy with his own and Superman's DNA, stole forty cakes and was a founder of the Injustice League with the Joker and Cheetah. Has appeared in the DCAU and in small(ville) and big screens (the Superman movies)

    3. Magneto

    Magneto is a former archnemesis to the X-men. He has a power of controling magnetic fields. Magneto had always wanted the better good for mutants and would do anything for mutant kind even if that meant doing evil deeds. He was always a very tricky person and always had his own motives. As years past he learned to work with the X-men even though it always seems like he has his own motives in situations, but he tries to be a better person to help mutants.

    4. Red Skull

    Red Skull is the ultimate Nazi in comic books. Yes, I'm saying that he is an even better villain than Hitler in some aspects. He has been ruining the lives of thousands ever since the 40. He started as a basic Nazi but was soon promoted to higher statues due to his sick twisted personality that even had Hitler afraid of him.Not only this, but ed Skull seems to never die. If you think you've killed him, you're wrong. He will most likely just come back in a new body and go back to killing. Even when he was "dead" his massive army were still powerful enough to be a constant threat to Captain America and the rest of the MU. One last fact for everyone, Red Skull was the first Marvel super-villain.... or at least the first to become a major threat.

    5. Doctor Doom

    Dr. Doom is an archnemesis to one of the greatest teams in the Marvel universe, Fantastic Four. He was put in the same situation as the other Fantastic Four members but did not end being a hero like Human Torch, Invisible Woman, The Thing, and Mr. Fantastic. He is a very powerful man with his powers, magic, and being a super genius. One thing that makes him have a vendetta towards the Fantastic Four is because even before the accident where they all got their powers Victor Von Doom and Reech Richards were always in competition with each other. They tried to beat each other in the science field, tried to win the love of the same girl, and just a competition to see who was the better man.

    6. Darkseid

    God of Evil and ruler of the hellish planet Apokolips, the son of Heggra was marked by darkness from his birth. Having murdered his own brother in cold blood, he seized control of the dreaded Omega Force and became the unopposed leader of his world. His appetite for conquering and enslaving worlds cannot be sated, and from his inception he has been one of the deadliest foes of the Justice League and the New Gods. "I look on existence and I see chaos. I abhor chaos. I would have order. Ordering the chaos requires a single mind, a single will. Mine."

    7. Sinestro

    One of the best lanterns in the DCU who had a dark side and overwhelming lust for power and control and was banned from the Green Lantern Corps by the Guardians of the universe. Sentenced to death many times, getting his neck broken by the entity Parallax, he’s still managed to survive. He’s even managed to form his own lantern corps called Sinestro corps, truly he is the biggest villain of the lanterns. Also has appeared in the DCAU and in the live action Green Lantern movie.

    8. Two-Face

    People often look at Two-Face and see him as a one-dimensional villain who uses a coin to decide his fate. They are completely wrong though. Over the last 70 years years, Harvey Dent has become one of the most developed and tragic villains in comic book history. He started out as a smart political figure but turned to evil after being viciously scarred by the mafia. From then on he became Two-Face. One thing that makes Two-Face so great is how he is so unpredictable, one moment he'll be working with Batman, the next he's beating the crap out of Dick Grayson to the point that he almost dies. That is another thing that makes Two-Face such a crucial villain, he was the one that made the three Robins what they are today. If it wasn't for him killing Jason Todd's father, Jason would never become Robin, who eventually became the villain Red Hood. Nightwing underestimated him and got beaten severely. So overall, give a vote for Harvey Dent, or maybe even two.

    9. Brainiac

    One of the most interesting Superman villains of all time, Brainiac is almost the quintessential villain in all of comics. He is incredibly smart, he has hundreds of versions (which are all canon) of himself, and he has no regard for human, animal, or alien life. Not only that, but he is always the one that ends up being the big villain, sometimes he even outsmarts Lex Luthor and becomes center stage for top villain. This has happened in such classic and amazing stories as Superman: Red Son and Whatever Happened to The Man of Tomorrow. This just proves my point that when it comes to villains who deserve the limelight, Brainiac comes to mention.

    10. Bane

    Not your average big strong guy. Despite his looks Bane is one of the smartest non super powered beings in the DCU. Bane, born and raised in a prison, he realized that courage, dedication, and strengthening of both mind and body were his only ways to survive. During his time in prison he wanted to destroy the Gotham myth called Batman. His prison put him into an experiment to create a super powered soldier with a steroid like drug known as Venom. With Venom and his intelligence Bane was the first person to break the Batman both physically and mentally by breaking his back. Later working without the Venom drug Bane had his own adventures and was part or the team called the Secret Six. Has appeared in DCAU and in the live action movies. Also is going to appear in the upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises.

    11. Norman Osborn

    Green Goblin is another archnemesis to a very popular hero in the Marvel Universe, Spider-man. At first Norman Osborne was not pure evil but, when he took the Green Gobin serum he became crazy and would do anything to kill Spider-man. He had caused a lot of trouble for Spider-man over the years. One of the biggest acts he did to Spider-man was killing one of his loves , Gwen Stacey. Spider-man still ponders on the thought of how he could not save Gwen Stacey and how the Green Goblin killed her. Green Goblin was also responsible for the Clone Sega which has given many hardships to Peter Parker. I guess really the Green Goblin is responsible for the old Peter Parker luck.

    12. Black Adam

    Black Adam has a 'classical' relationship with Captain Marvel. At least, he's a classical villain in manner in which the concept of his character is exactly the opposite of Captain Marvel. While Captain Marvel is blessed with virtues, Teth-Adam is blessed with Sin. He is exactly the opposite of Captain Marvel -- He is the original champion of SHAZAM, gifted by the Egyptian gods to give him an unparalleled powers. However he was soon corrupted by this power, which makes him so great. While Batman and the Joker are two complete opposites, Captain Marvel and Black Adam are two sides of the same coin, which makes them such a great combination.

    13. Riddler

    The insane intellectual that best defines Batman's role as detective. Every crime is a labyrinth of clues, red herrings, taunts, & peril. The gains are superfluous. The end goal arbitrary. The Riddler is in it for the game. To match wits with the only adversary in Gotham worth his brilliance. That the Riddler knows Batman will solve his clues, is a given. In many cases, it's the manipulative layer to his puzzles. It's not about stumping his foe. It's about drawing him out, leading him down the primrose path, & doing it in such a way that Batman is unaware of the Riddler's true motive. One of the four most recognizable villains in Batman's Rogues Gallery, The Riddler has burst from the comic page to occupy our television, our cartoons, our toy stores & our films. He's a very well merchandised malcontent, & an entrenched piece of our pop culture.

    14. Ra's al Ghul

    With the help of the mystical Lazarus Pits, Ra's al Ghul has spent over six centuries building a global criminal empire like no other. He is one of the few Batman villains to have figured out the Dark Knight's true identity, and his intellect and vast resources make him a titanic force for evil. Dedicated to the purification of the Earth and the human race, his League of Assassins has clashed with the Batclan time and time again. "The advantage is mine. I have eternity, and Batman must win every single time. While I need win but once."

    15. Zoom

    he FBI agent Hunter Zolomon. Former friend of the Flash Wally West. After getting paralyzed from the waist down by Gorilla Grodd during a prison break, Hunter asked Wally to go back in the time and to stop it from happening but Wally declined. After that Hunter broke into the Flash Museum and tried to use the cosmic treadmill himself. It didn’t work and caused an explosion which knocked Hunter's connection to time out of sync. With this he was able to slow down time and move normally through out it, thus giving the impression of super speed. By believing a hero had to have a tragedy, Hunter decided to give Wally one by becoming the second Zoom. Zoom tried to kill Wally’s wife, Linda, but Wally managed to stop him killing his wife but not his unborn twin children which died due to a miscarriage when Zoom hit Linda with a sonic boom. After that Wally was able to put Zoom into a temporal anomaly where he would watch the death of his father-in-law over and over, all while in a comatose state.

    16. Deathstroke

    Deathstroke, Slade Wilson aka the terminator. A family man and an assassin. The great tactitian. The Teen Titans’ biggest foe. Volunteered in the super soldier program Slade became a super soldier who can think and perceive nine times faster, affording him a greatly superior reaction time. Having “the strength of ten men” Deathstroke can go toe toe with several characters in the DCU, most notably Batman and the Titans. Has appeared in the DCAU.

    17. Doctor Octopus

    Dr. Octopus is a well know villain for Spider-man. A first he was just a normal scientist until he made an invention of his bionical arms and the arms started to control him and ever since than he has been a major villain for Spider-man. Dr. Octopus's arms are not the only thing that Spider-man has to deal with when he is fighting him but Spider-man also has to deal with how Dr. Octupus can be very smart in tough situations. He comes up with very thought up plans and even created the Sinister Six.

    18. Bullseye

    Bullseye is one of my all time favorite villains? Why? He is funny, vicious, mysterious, and just plain awesome. His past is shrouded in mystery, but in present Marvel, he is a force to be reckoned with. It was revealed that he knew Deadpool as a kid and that the two were friends, this of course ended with a huge fight between the two. Bullseye has also gone on to wounding Spider-man severely, taking on just about all of Marvel's street level heroes, and of course, ruining Daredevil's life. In one of the most famous comic book ever, Bullseye stabbed and killed the love of Dareddevil's life, Elektra. That wasn't enough though, for Bullseye then went on and killed Daredevil's other love, Karen Page, many years later. This just shows how crazy, sick, and awesome Bullseye really is.

    19. Mr. Freeze

    Mr. Freeze is unlike many Batman villains. A lot of Batman villain follow the pattern of having psychological problems that turn their crimes into illogical and irrational ones. While Victor Fries does indeed have psychological problems, most of his crimes are [excuse the pun] 'cold' and calculated, allowing for a greater objective. What is most impressive about the character however, is that the character restored to crime for the purpose of healing and restoring his wife's health, as the latter suffers classically, from a terminal illness.

    20. Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper is a real life serial killer who operated in London in 1888. He killed five women between late August and early November of that year. While his body count is relatively low, Jack the Ripper has made an indelible mark on pop culture, and is the definitive example of a serial killer in the minds of most people. He has appeared in numerous comics, most notably From Hell, many of which seek to uncover the identity of the Ripper. To this day, the true identity of the Ripper remains unknown, making his one of the greatest and most well-known unsolved cases in modern history.

    21. First of the Fallen

    He was created so Ennis could write "The Devil" without worrying about conflict to Neil Gaiman's Lucifer. The First of the Fallen is more of a classical Devil compared to Lucifer because the First is never in a gray area, he is always the bad guy, while Lucifer can be seen in gray areas. The First of the Fallen also becomes a major conflict with John Constantine from the deal they made to cure John of Cancer to The First ownership over some souls, such as innocent Astra Logue.

    22. Poison Ivy

    Posison Ivy, one of the infamous Batman Rogues sure is one fascinating lady. Loving plants and being partly imbued with them, Poison Ivy uses her plants as weapons against Batman and any other heroes. Such feats include mind-controlling Superman during the Hush story, leading Clark to try and dispatch of Batman. However, she mainly sticks to toying with Batman, and like Clark, has been able to seduce Bruce, opting him to do her bidding. Though Ivy may seem underrated, she is cunning, salcious and beautiful, in both mind and body.

    23. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow is an interesting character. By himself, he doesn't exude much interest, but when he is confronted by Batman, his character shows various layers of depth. Batman, is a character who traditionally overcomes his fears by maturing after the death of his parents. Scarecrow however, can successfully change this by bringing fear into the life of Batman, especially by messing with the memories of his parents and making him relive some of his most traumatic memories. Thus Scarecrow provides a psychological challenge to Batman, who has to use his powerful and resolute will to overcome the challenges that the former poses to him.

    24. Mystique

    the most popular female villain comic character of Marvel Comics. Proof? Check her number of appearances in comics, video games and most especially, her exposure in the x-men films. She even got her own solo comics before. Raven Darkholme is a blue skinned, yellow-eyed mutant who uses her combat skills and shape-shifting ability to commit crimes. We've also seen her becoming a heroine and get to feel her more as the biological mother of Nightcrawler and foster mother of Rogue. But no matter which side she chooses, hero or villain, or mixed, that's what really makes her character very interesting.

    25. Captain Cold

    Captain Cold, the villain with the parka and cold gun. The leader of the Rogues. The villain of the first and the second Flash since the 50's. Using his own intelligent he learned that absolute zero temperatures would stop the Flash. With the rest of the Rogues he's done such devious deeds as killing the fourth Flash, Bart Allen. Has appeared in the DCAU.

    26. Kingpin

    Criminal mastermind who's left both Daredevil and Spider-Man in fits of rage.

    27. Dracula

    Dracula is the same character as from legend and fiction but was reinvented in the 1970s as the diabolical antagonist of the Tomb of Dracula series. Once this move to the no holds barred Epic line he became a little more fearsome than before

    28. Kid Marvelman

    Jonathan Bates really established his place as a villain when Alan Moore aged him into a corrupt adult in the reimaging of Britain’s Marvel Man. While Mike Moran (Miracleman) maintained his virtue for the series, Bates was used as the polar opposite. During Moore’s run Bates would commit horrific acts of murder and genocide. Neil Gaiman’s run he would be physically dead, but immortalized as a cult icon for anarchy and chaos.

    29. Catwoman

    Arguably the most famous female villain in comic book history, Catwoman is one of Batman's oldest and most well known rogues. In a town like Gotham, a jewel thief is practically a pillar of the community - but then Catwoman's never had much time for malevolence. She never picks a side, thriving in the grey area. However, she's helped the Batclan out on various occasions, and is Batman's most famous love interest. "Like the view? It's about the only thing you're going to catch tonight."

    30. Venom

    . Venom is one of Spider-man's villains. Venom is an alien symboite that has to have a human host and the most popular human host for Venom was Eddie Brock. One thing that the symboite does is heal the host from disease and that is exactly what happen with Eddie and that is why he became the Venom. Venom is always trying to kill Spider-man because Eddie was never so crazy about him even when he was not Venom. He was a very violent villain for Spider-man and very monsterous. Right now Eddie Brock is not the current Venom and he has been trying his best to redeem himself as Anti Venom.

    31. Anti-Monitor

    You know, there are a lot of villains out there who are threatening. A lot who are creepy, but how many require nearly the entire universe just to stop? Well, there are probably more than one, but Anti-Monitor was the best. First off, it took the sacrifices of not one A-lister, but two just to put Anti-Monitor down (Supergirl and Flash) and even then, he came back as a Sinestro Corp leader. After once again, most of Earth's heroes took him down, he once again came back. But this time,Anti-Monitor came back as the power for the Black Lanterns, undead lanterns who killed such heroes as Hawkman, Hawkgirl and tons of Green Lanterns. When it comes to universe busters, Anti-Monitor is the best.

    32. Thanos

    Like Doctor Doom, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals and will cross the very cosmos to do it to please his "love" Death.

    33. Great Cthulhu

    Cthulhu is the most recognizable of H.P Lovecraft's Elder Gods, and the titular figure in several Boom titles, such as 'Fall of Cthulhu'. An entity from beyond time and space, Cthulhu began the trend of malevolent entities that could not be stopped by the schemings of mere mortals. Cthulhu continues to take over the hearts and souls of humanity with countless board games, figurines, and homage tales.

    34. Anton Arcane

    A mad scientist who created the monstrous sub-species of inhuman freaks known as the Un-Men, Arcane is a villain with a hatred of Swamp Thing that bordered on obsession. He used to be a Nazi, which grants him instant villainhood. He turned his own brother, Gregori, into the beast known as the Patchwork Man. After being critically injured when he was thrown out of a window, he was forced to house his consciousness in the body of one of the deformed freaks that he had created.

    35. James Moriarty

    The Napoleon of Crime is also another well known villain of the League of Extraordinary Men. After becoming the crime boos of London, he set out to kill his archnemesis Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective known. However, this was not nearly the most 'evil' deed he committed. Moriarty attempted to scam the League, and claim a special Machine. With this, we would try to BLOW UP London in its entirety, killing thousands!

    36. Harley Quinn

    Guys just love Harley, but don't want to admit why. When it comes down to it they love the idea of a beautiful and intelligent woman falling for a 'em and loving 'em to the point of obsession. Even if he is a homicidal maniac and looking like a clown. Harley is also fun, charming, bubbly and sweat... unless she decides to kill you. That is just the point. She can seem so nonthreatening but, she can kill with no more thought than she would after slapping a mosquito. Most important Harley is my favorite villain to read about, and isn't that what it is all about?

    37. Sabretooth

    The one villain that even Wolverine fears sometimes, Sabretooth is pure evil to the core. He has been fighting Wolverine and generally ruining his life for years, maybe even centuries. What started out as a simple Iron Fist villain turned into one of the most cruel sadistic villains out there. For years Wolverine feared his own birthday since every year Sabretooth would kill or do something else horrible to one of Wolverine's loved ones.

    38. Doomsday

    Doomsday is a famous behemoth, he is capable of doing nearly anything and is famous for killing perhaps the most famous comicbook character of all Superman. In doing this Doomsday destroyed the ideal that is Superman, which has now been spread world wide and by doing this he has shown his tremendous power and evil, making him a character that constantly challenges Superman, physically and psychologically.

    39. Ultra-Humanite

    If we are talking about super-villains, then we should also talk about the first supervillain! Ultra-Humanite first fought Superman in Action Comics #13 (thats exactly 10 issues BEFORE the red haired Lex Luthor came along). He has also fought in his long history the JSA, the JLA, the time masters and even recently Power Girl (among others). Lex Luthor might be the most popular of Superman's rogues, but it is Ultra-Humanite who takes the cake for villainy!

    40. Gorilla Grodd

    Since 1959, Gorilla Grodd has been a threat to Flash. Even then, he was fiercest Rogue. He has at times controlled one of the most advanced cities, namely Gorilla City. He is super smart, has mind control powers and besides he's a gorilla. More recently, he has been a threat to not only Flash but the whole Justice League as well. Therefore, I can say with certainty: he really stands out of the pack!

    41. Mr. Sinister

    he has had an effect on pretty much every x-character and set about the motions of the infamous mutant massacre.

    42. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader is the most recognizable (and the most parodied) villain in the Star Wars universe and for good reason. He started out as a padawan to Obi-Wan Kenobi and soon became one of the strongest Jedi ever. He went on to win many battles with Kenobi until Chancellor Palpatine (AKA Darth Sidius) corrupted his young mind into the tortured villain we know and love today. Vader has done many horrible things in his day, from blowing up an entire planet, to force choking imperial officers, but what makes him a truly amazing villain is that he was able to have on last good moment before he died, by saving his son and killing Darth Sidious.

    43. Apocalypse

    Though he is primarily a villain to the X-Men, Apocalypse is and has been a threat to many major players in the Marvel Universe. Believed to be the first mutant to ever have existed, he has been described as a metamorph (That means he can make his body into whatever he wants. His costume, for example, is actually a part of his skin!). Apocalypse should be included on this list, not only for being an evil piece of filth, but because in the 90's the writers at Marvel decided that he should get his own alternate future where he basically becomes the king of everything. In that series, Age of Apocalypse, it showed just how powerful Apocalypse can become and just how terrible the world would be under his mighty rule. Apocalypse is one of Marvel's greatest villains not only because of the reasons already listed, but because of his ideology: Only the strong shall survive. If you're not "strong" enough under the judgement of the almighty Apocalypse, than consider yourself a dead man.

    44. Satan

    What can I say about Satan that hasn't been said for thousands of years. Some say the greatest trick Satan ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist. If most people believed he did he wouldn't have qualified for this list. I would say the greatest trick Satan ever pulled was convincing the world he was a hero. Don't believe me? Just look at the hero list and see where Lucifer ranks. I was really upset over the last list as murders and evil characters were allowed to be admitted. Has anyone read the screwtape letters? (Most probably haven't as there are no pictures or boobs.) The book is a correspondence of letters to a minor deamon Wormword and the greater deamon Screwtape. Screwtape tries to show Wormwood how to turn the "Patient" (a living man) he is suppose to corrupt. The letters sum up the greatest evil of Satan or as Screwtape would call him the "Father Below". He is insidious! Yes, he can convince the naive that he doesn't exist or that he is even a hero. Just like Screwtape told Wormwood "The fact that “devils” are predominantly comic figures in the modern imagination will help you. If any faint suspicion of your existence begins to arise in his mind, suggest to him a picture of some¬thing in red tights, and persuade him that since he cannot believe in that (it is an old textbook method of confusing them) he therefore cannot believe in you." Satan moves slowly he has his victims in his hand without them even knowing it. As Screwtape says "the safest path to hell is the gradual one."

    45. Black Manta

    He is the archenemy of Aquaman. Black Manta may seem pretty lame because of that, but he did something that at the time not even someone as crazy as The Joker did. Black Manta captured Aquaman's son Arthur Jr. and made Aquaman and Aqualad fight to the death, if they didn't... all the while Arthur Jr.'s oxygen was getting cut off!!! In the end, Black Manta killed Aquaman's baby son, sending Aquaman into a deep depression and making his wife Mera go insane. Joker may have killed the boy wonder, but Black Manta killed Aquaman's baby son and cut off Aquaman's arm. Now that is what I call a villain.

    46. Cheetah

    One of the villains with the longest publication history of any villain having first appeared in 1943, only trailing other such big names such as Lex Luthor and the Joker by three years. Throughout that time the character has undergone massive changes as have all characters from that era. Under the Perez reboot of Wonder Woman in the 1980s she finally achieved the status of main villain to Wonder Woman. She has been conflicted ever since over her role as a villain but still has criminal tendencies.

    47. Kraven the Hunter

    Kraven gets respect for killing the spider (well as close to killing as you can of a major character) and being a long time classic foe to him. Of all Spidey's rogues Kravens appearances have always made for excellent stories.

    48. Juggernaut

    This hugely popular Marvel Villain was the lead character for most of Volume 2 of the Ultraverse's Exiles. Though de-powered a bit, It was nice to see him lead a team as a hero. Marvel would go on to publish a more well known third and fourth Volume.

    49. Saint of Killers

    The Saint of Killers was once a unnamed gunslinger in the Wild West who wandered the land slaying bandits and criminals by the dozen. He settled down with a woman who loved him, and became a father. All seemed well until the day he accidentally took an innocent life, damning his soul forever. The Angel of Death forged a pair of guns for him and made him the Deathbringer, the patron saint of slaughter and assassination.

    50. Lizard

    Lizard is another well known Spider-man villain. Before Lizard was a villain he was a famous scientist named Curt Conner. Curt Conner had gotten into an accident so he had to cut off his arm and ampitate it but Curt would not take to that so he tried to come up with experiments to regrow his arm. As an experiment went wrong he had become the Lizard. Even though there is a good person inside the Lizard, Curt Conner, when Spide-man fights the Lizard we can see that the monster inside Curt always has power to take over. Curt Conner is his own worst enemy.

    51. General

    The General's first story was about a really young kid who gathered all the gangs of Gotham to take over the city. Being a military genius he went through a process treating gangs like separate nations. He started with the weakest gang and instantly kills there leader to become leader himself. He then takes that gang and give them confidence by taking them on successful raids. He then uses that success and power to pull more gangs under his control. He let's them keep their colors referring to them as their "national flags" He is eventually successful and only has one obstetrical in his way. BATMAN! He turns all the gangs of Gotham on Batman and nearly killed him. He was the first step in what became Batman's Knightfall. He came as close to taking over Gotham as any villain and closer than most as a boy. Lastly, because I loved the charatcer and that three issue story so much I made him my avatar and he has been it ever since.

    52. Loki

    Loki gets #1 on my list for causing legendary Mischief in the Marvel universe and the other universes he's walked into. He caused the first ensembly of the Avengers and he's arch-nemesis of one of the strongest heroes of the marvel universe: Thor. Like most good villains he also has a personal relationship with his enemy, he is an adopted brother of Thor.

    53. Ozymandias

    He kept the world from nuclear annihilation, & he only had to kill millions of innocent civilians to do it. If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, than surely Adrian Veidt has come to the end of it. Saving the world may have been his agenda, but his methods are horrific, & in the ambiguous world of the Watchmen, his "success" is by no means absolute, or even certain. In his hubris, Veidt has not accounted for all factors, one of which, teased at the end of the novel, has the potential to undo all his "good deeds". Despite the nobility of his goal, for who can argue against stopping a nuclear war, Veidt plays the villain to the hilt in achieving it. He murders anyone who could reveal his scheme, whether it's the Comedian, who just stumbled onto what was happening, or trusted aides, who helped him in carrying out his plan. Still, it's hard to distinguish a few drops in an ocean of blood. While he may have aspired to be the hero the world needed, he had to be the villain to get there.

    54. Kang

    Kang is one of the greatest Avengers villains ever, and definitely my favorite against that team. Being a time traveler makes him especially nasty to battle.

    55. Shredder

    Like the Joker, Shredder started off as a one-time villain, but was seen with a lot of potential, hence why he has returned so many times. Also like the Joker,Shredder went from being dark and ruthless, to corny, and then back to being dark and ruthless. The Shredder was the most wanted person in the galaxy at one point. He is also one of the most recognizable villains in comic history, even though he was only created some 25 years ago. Even though Shredder died in his first appearance, his legacy lived on. He has since became things like three clones, a robot, a demon, a mutant shark, and more. Now how many villains can honestly claim that they've been a demon from hell and a mutant shark? Not much, not much.

    56. Larfleeze

    One of the most powerful enemies of the Green Lantern Corps, Larfleeze is the sole wielder of the Orange Lantern. His insatiable greed has made him a slave to his own power, which is so considerable that he is feared by even the Guardians.

    57. Mephisto

    Another representation of the king of the underworld and lord of darkness, Marvel mixes up it diabolic creatures so that there are many instead of one. Mephisto has been responsible for great evil over the ages, and created his son Blackheart to further the spread of darkness on Earth.

    58. Frankenstein's Monster

    Ever since Benjamin Franklin first experimented with electricity, humans have been using that energy for many great and terrible things. One of those terrible things was the flip of a switch which set off a chain reaction that even its creators, Doctor Frankenstein and Mary Shelly, could not foresee. In that motion, the heavens’ power was stolen to create one of the world’s most feared and iconic villains. In that motion, the “Modern Promethius” was born. There have been many forms of the creature, but none come close to the being first created in 1818. Through not gifted with the mind of a genius (it was actually “Abby-Normal”), this creature, with a bolt of lightening, has become a universal villain (and not just because of who distributed the Boris Karloff picture).

    59. Cyborg Superman

    He's a cyborg, a "Superman" and a Sinestro Corps member. What's not to love to hate or hate to love? Hank Henshawn, originally a brilliant scientist who suffered a horrible accident which lead to immortality and his wife into madness. Convincing to the president of the United States that's he's Superman's heir, downloading his consciousness into a device planted on Doomsday, becoming a villain of the Green Lantern Corps are more than enough to prove that he belongs to the list.

    60. Nergal

    Like all of the best hero-villain relationships, Constantine and Nergal have a personal connection. When John was gravely injured on a hospital bed, it was Nergal who "saved" him by polluting his blood with his own demonic taint. Nergal was also the demon behind the Newcastle incident, when John's attempt at destroying a monster conjured by a little girl went horribly wrong, resulting in multiple civilian deaths and a complete nervous breakdown.

    61. The Invisible Man

    As children, how many of us enisioned we were invisible? Probably a lot of us did. Hawley Griffin continued that childhood fancy into adulthood when he developed a process to make a person invisible. However, there was a price to this achievement: he lost his sanity. Since H.G. Wells' 1897 novel by the same name, this villain has been adapted into several medias including a 1933 movie where he was played by Claude Rains. More recently, he was adapted for the comic series "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", where he betrayed all humanity for his own safety when the Martians (from another H.G. Wells novel) invaded.

    62. Captain Blackbeard

    Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, was a notorious pirate who sailed around Eastern America and the West Indies in the early 1700s. His reign as a pirate captain was fairly short and he was not particularly successful as a pirate, but his name has come to be synonymous in the minds of many with the concept of 18th century piracy. Like many historical rogues, his tale has been heavily romanticised in the centuries following his death.

    63. Lady Shiva

    Lady Shiva is, arguably, the deadliest woman in the DC universe. An assassin-for-hire who specializes in killing her targets with her bare hands, Lady Shiva is considered to be one of the greatest martial artists in DC's pantheon of characters. Known to straddle the fence between good & evil, she has been both aid & adversary to the likes of Richard Dragon, The Question, Batman, and Black Canary

    64. Jason Todd

    Yes the Red Hood, the second Robin, though many might disagree he is a villain indeed, after being beaten to death by the Joker (the first red Hood) he was ressurected for reasons he may not ever know. Brutally beat Tim drake (twice) and going head-to-head with Nightwing, and even doning the Batman suit and going on a killing spree. He has obviously got some guts.

    65. Cobra Commander
    66. Carnage

    Now now, who can not think that Cletus Kasady should be part of this list? With the power of a stronger symbiote than even Venom's suit, Kasady has superstrength, speed, stamina and super regenerative healing on his side. Holding New York City in mortal terror during such gruesome events as Maximum Carnage and Web of Carnage, Kasady has been a constant thorn in the side of superhero and civilian.

    67. Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde

    Mr Hyde is half the package to the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde set. Despite also 'being' Dr. Jekyll, the Hyde manifestation is positively, and grotesquely evil. Though partly reforming, this was purely for selfish reasons, i.e. not being captured. He was first tracked down by the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen because of his serial killings amongst young women in France. If this wasn't bad enough, even whilst being good he continued to savagely rip apart men and even devour them, showing no remorse whatsoever

    68. Judge Death

    Judge Death is Judge Dredd's archfoe…a spirit who cannot be destroyed nor held captive for any length of time, and who leaves chaos in his wake. Judge Death's motto is 'Since all crime is committed by the living, life itself must be a crime'. This twisted sense of justice leads him on genocidal murder sprees. The perversion of law, and the sheer sickness Judge Death embodies makes him a classic villain.

    69. Mr. Mind

    Mr Mind is an alien trying to take over the world. Simple. How he does it is interesting. Physically, Mr. Mind poses little threat, in most cases, however that problem that he poses to the world lays instead in his psychic power which allow him to bypass the great powers of Captain Marvel as he doesn't have to deal with the hero physically. The Uniqueness of the character's design is also impressive, he is a simple creature who can hide in plain sight and still wreak havoc.

    70. Dr. Sivana

    Captain Marvel and Superman are parallels to each other, and thus, Dr. Sivanna and Lex Luthor are parallels in their own right. Sivanna is a intelligent scientist, with a big multi-national company that has attributed him a large sum of money. Because of the failure of the Egyptian expedition that created Captain Marvel and the fact that Captain Marvel impedes his many corrupt schemes, Sivanna is obsessed with getting rid of Captain Marvel. This makes him a character, who even though he is completely human, he manages to compete toe-to-toe with a hero like Captain Marvel. His unique personality and stubborn traits, make him a villain who people like to dislike.

    71. Calculator

    The information broker for the criminal underworld of the DCU, the Calculator allows villains to keep tabs on the heroes, or communicate amongst themselves. This is almost completely unique in comics, as information/communication is usually restricted to heroes. Calculator is able to pull all the strings digitally, fighting with technological skills and brainpower rather than his fists.

    72. Q

    This is a personal favorite of mine (this is Poet, btw). If you know Star Trek, then you also know about Q. This character is just plane awsome! When the whole Star Trek series was rebooted in Star Trek Next Generation, the very first adversary Picard and the crew of the Enterpirse faced was the being called Q (who is part of the Q continueum). He is playful spirit and has tormented almost everyone one in the Star Trek Universe.

    73. Mysterio

    one of the most underestimated villains, we never turly got to see what he was capable of until Old Man Logan, tricking Wolverine into killing all the young mutants in Xvaivers. His powers may not be cosmic but the tricks and traps he uses can easily break the strongest of men.

    74. The Governor

    Its the zombie apocalypse, and all you want is some nice safe shelter. You come upon a town called Woodbury, but instead of getting some shelter and food, you are forced to fight for your life against zombies for The Governor's own sick pleasure. He is the main villain other than the zombies, and has proven this by killing several main characters, even raping one. In the last couple of pages he is in, The Governor manages to kill main character Rick Grime's wife AND newborn baby.

    75. Alien Queen

    Over the last 32 years, thousands of people who enjoyed the Alien movies and comics always knew one thing, if you see an alien; RUN! Of course, an even more important rule is that if you seen an alien queen coming for you, then you freakin' dead. But one thing that many people overlook is that if you see a Queen Mother, then Earth is screwed. For those of you who don't know, the Queen Mother is the supreme ruler of the Xenomorph species, making every other Alien creature its loyal subject. The Queen Mother is the one that gives the directions, so basically everything that happens in the Alien movies you can thank the Queen Mother for. Heck, because of the Queen Mother, the Xenomorphs took over Earth and killed almost all of humanity. That alone is more than just about every evil leader on Earth put together has done!

    76. Nazi Shock Gibson

    Recently revived in Project Superpowers he is the Arch-enemy of Shock Gibson.

    77. Galactus

    Galactus is perhaps the biggest threat that the Marvel Superheroes of earth face with frequency, Galactus is a being of cosmic level proportions being nearly omnipotent and having the ability to give others abilities that can level planets. He lives by feeding on planets and has proved time and time again that he is powerful than nearly all who seek to oppose him, which is why it is enjoyable to read him and see how he is beaten, or even if he is.

    78. Prometheus

    He's Batman on crack. He has ridiculous plans to defeat superheroes, his technology is amazing and he killed Lian Harper.

    79. Hal Jordan

    Some may think this is incorrect but I really believe him to be the worst kind of villain. For starters Hal has had questionable relationships with a very young woman. Hal has a serious relationship with Arisia. Arisia was a young teenager who willed herself to look older. Hal himself said that he still thought of her as a child and then a very short time later had his "relationship" with the young girl. Tell the judge "she looked 18" and see how far it gets you. Later, even after the age reboot of Arisia he is seen hitting on an underage Supergirl. All the while reminding himself that he has food in his refrigerator that is older Next, Hal went to prison for drunk driving. Anyone is capable of mistakes and this doesn't make him a villain, but it is definitely not heroic. Hal went mad with the loss of Coast City and then went and killed all the remaining Green lanterns and became Parallax. Hal Jordan is also prejudice. Hal had a friend Tom who he referred to by the racist name "Pieface" or "Pie". Now in his defense Hal seemed to treat Tom with respect in most cases but calling him Pieface is not that respectable. Hal also had weak relationships with people of color and was called on it. Hal has to be rebooted every ten years or so because of these types of things. This is what makes him the worst kind of villain. He is suppose to be a hero and convinces characters and fans that he is but he will turn the tables again. It is in the characters nature.

    80. Captain Nazi

    Captain Nazi is a stereotype. Not necessarily a bad thing, Captain Nazi basically stands for everything that Captain Marvel doesn't. While one fights for freedom and the general good, Captain Nazi, as a fascist believer of Hitler's teachings, stands for evil and plans world domination. He is a twisted character, perhaps the complete opposite of what Captain America is. He is what a super powered patriot under the Nazi regime would be and as thus, he feels no compassion for anyone else.

    81. Desire of the Endless

    Like the other members of the Endless, Desire is neither a god nor a mortal being, but the abstract personification of love, lust, greed, and longing, as well as all the other things that are defined by desire, such as hate, apathy and disdain. Desire is the only member of the Endless who is both male and female, as he/she has never been content with only one gender, or indeed only one of anything. His/her personality is evident in his/her name, for what is desire if not cruel and treacherous?

    82. Boba Fett

    When it comes to Star Wars, there is roughly three characters that just about everyone recognizes. One of those is Boba Fett. Why one may ask, well... He is often referred to as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, and it shows. He is one of the few villains in the Star Wars universe that Han Solo is actually afraid of. Not only that, but Boba Fett has managed to kill jedis, mobsters, and many more heroes/villains. Boba is so badass that he doesn't get scared when around Darth Vader, he doesn't go down easily to Luke Skywalker, and Boba first appeared in the Star Wars Holiday Special, yet still is a fan favorite. That deserves some dedication alone.

    83. Ultron

    Ultron was originally created by Doctor Hank Pym. His original purpose was to be an aid to Dr. Pym, but soon, this robot wanted more. With his high intelligence, it went rogue, and soon began to build itself up. Made of vibranium, the new Ultron was versed in many things, and with its cunning intellect, was able to create and employ many ingenious plans to sabotage and hopefully KILL the Avengers, and his father, Dr Pym. Ultron also managed to align himself with a variety of other villains, masterminding several plots.

    84. Gary Callahan

    Regardless of where you live, the Smiler is the kind of politician that makes you feel grateful for the leadership you have. A psychopath with a dangerous power addiction, Callahan masks his hatred of the "little people" under a veneer of sincerity and a photogenic smile that's always ready for the cameras. He had his own wife and children killed in a staged accident just to bag the sympathy vote. There's nothing more terrifying than a madman who becomes the most powerful man on the planet.

    85. Black Tarantula

    Black Tarantula is evil. He delights in it. He can conger up a monster to destroy a whole town...and did of course. He can also turn into a giant Spider the size of car tire. He can raise the undead and hypnotize woman. Lastly, he really cannot be fully killed but blinding him will kill him for a while. I became a Black Tarantula fan dur to a Turoksonofstone review. It really should be read to understand the character (check it out!)

    86. Skynet

    Okay take a moment to think about this one, not the terminators but actual Skynet, not only did it cause the destruction of the world in one way or another, its sole purpose after becoming threatened was to wipe us from the face of the world and came very close to doing it on many occasions the biggest issue with Skynet, is it is always one step ahead, you take it down in one base it is already booting up in twenty different places, it is the never ending battle with one thing on its mind to kill everything and anyone. it created almost unstopable killing machines to track us down and if they are hunting you, you have nothing to do but run and pray.

    87. Goldilocks

    Goldilocks, a villain from the Fables Universe is one nasty girl. After being employed by the 3 Little Pigs, she is prepared to destroy the lives of some of our favourite Fables. Armed with a Sniper Rifle, a disgusting attitude and a heart to match, this witty and brilliant girl is one nasty piece of work.

    88. Megatron

    Yes one of the most common SCI-Fi characters but also one of the most brutal and vicious: starting off as a creation gone wrong with a very clouded "mind" he believes what he is doing is all for the best even if it means taking over Cybertron or ressurecting Unicron to take over the universe.

    89. Octopus

    The primary nemesis of The Spirit. The Octopus runs his various criminal enterprises from the shadows. An artful master of disguise, the Octopus can only ever be identified by distinctive gloves. In all his many appearances, Eisner never reveals the true face of the Octopus. He is always obscured, either by the environment or the shadows of the city. He is only ever seen... "on camera"... when he is completely disguised as someone else. His greatest triumph over the Spirit came when he successfully blinded his adversary... though, of course, this being comics, it wouldn't last

    90. Violator

    Arch enemy to Spawn, The Violator has been murdering people and fighting Spawns for centuries. Not only that, but he possessed another one of Al Simmons enemies and used him to nearly beat Al to death!

    91. Purgatori

    Personally I (The Poet) would not have chosen this character, but I thought I should nominate some that Turoksonofstone would have nominated if he didn't disappear. We've seem several devils on this list, but we have not seen any female demons. Purgatori was at one point the misstress of Lucifer and she tormented Lady Death several times. Her greed and self service are always the basis of her character, which make her the perfect villain for the list.

    92. Pinhead

    Leader Cenobite, master torturer and explorer of pain who has spent decades teaching people the meaning of the word suffering, with the hands on touch.

    93. Dr. Gargunza

    The classic Villain of the Marvelman/Miracleman franchise. During Alan Moore’s run on Miracleman he would become the villain who created Miracleman. He created Miracleman because he wanted to live forever and realized he could not steal Miracleman’s body by wiping out his mind, so he tried to steal the body of Miracleman’s unborn child Winter. Dr. Garganza is the classic villain driven by power which leads to his corruption.

    94. Storm Shadow

    A very skilled assassin who is brave enough to go head-to-head- with Snake Eyes and very clever.

    95. The Wolf Man

    The idea of the fusion of man and wolf as a werewolf is not new. Men have turned into wolves in legends since the time of the ancient greeks. However, It was not until 1935 that the beings we know as werewolf appeared on the silver screen. In 1941, the most famous of all werewolfs appeared. Played by Lon Chaney, Jr., Larry Talbot is not nessarily evil. Not unlike Dr.Jekle within Mr. Hyde, Larry is not able to control what the beast does. The Larry part of the being is not evil, but the werewolf within him is, which is why he should be on this list. To quote the movie, "Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright."

    96. Kobra

    The Deadliest Man Alive. That's the phrase that described Kobra, on the covers of his short lived series in the 70's. He more than lived up to that sobriquet. Sitting at the top of the Cult of the Kobra, this international terrorist & his followers are devoted to bringing about the Kali Yuga, or Age of Chaos. To that end, he built his own Lazarus Pits, only his were tweaked so that thevictims he resurrected would be his loyal slaves. He's the only man to ever decipher the formula for creating Lazarus pits. He's a master tactician, an unparalleled genius, & a phenomenal combatant, who once defeated the Batman, himself, in hand-to-hand combat. Kobra's schemes have brought him into conflict with a virtual who's who of DC's heroes. Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Suicide Squad, The Justice League, The Justice Society,& the Outsiders have all come into conflict with Kobra. 90% of the time, all they can do is thwart a particular plan. The man himself has only been brought to justice a couple of times, & neither were successful for long. Kobra is, by far, the biggest villain in DC's stable, who is also, inexplicably, the most underrated. Hopefully, that will change in the future.

    97. Destro

    Come on, who can not love a former leader of COBRA from time to time? His knowledge of weapons is almost unparalleled in the comic world with his head of the M.A.R.S. Organization and his leadership is unquestionable with his control of the Iron Grenadiers. Being one of Cobra's most successful terrorists, he has shown great strategy and skill when in the field and has shown to be quite the captain of industry.

    98. Thaddeus Ross

    General Thunderbolt Ross is an villain towards the Incredible Hulk. General Ross was part of the Gamma Ray project in where the Hulk was created and ever since he saw the Hulk he wanted to hunt him down. He was Bruce Banners father in law because Bruce was married to his daughter Betty Ross. So, it was kind of a difficult relationship. General Thunderbolt Ross had been hunting down for the Incredible Hulk for years and when he finally found out Bruce was the Incredible Hulk General Ross became his own worst enemy, a HULK. He became the Red Hulk.

    99. Malebolgia

    The twisted and evil leader of hells army who has spent eternity warping and moulding his legion of hellspawn for his holy war

    100. The White Violin

    The White Violin is an example of a prodigal family member forced into her circumstances by those she loved. Never fully evil, the White Violin nonetheless almost destroyed Earth. She is a force to be reckoned with, extreme power and emotional instability combined into a killing machine.

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    when did CitizenBane get Marvel and why isn't he on the PM?

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    @Billy Batson said:

    when did CitizenBane get Marvel and why isn't he on the PM?

    About half an hour ago and I'm on a different PM. Is there a main one for the nominators?

    Also, why are you doing DC? I'd have thought you'd snatch up the Vertigo villains.

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    @CitizenBane said:

    @Billy Batson said:

    when did CitizenBane get Marvel and why isn't he on the PM?

    About half an hour ago and I'm on a different PM. Is there a main one for the nominators?

    Also, why are you doing DC? I'd have thought you'd snatch up the Vertigo villains.

    he's adding you in the other PM.
    cause DC is easier to do :p

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    @CitizenBane said:

    @Billy Batson said:

    when did CitizenBane get Marvel and why isn't he on the PM?

    About half an hour ago and I'm on a different PM. Is there a main one for the nominators?

    Also, why are you doing DC? I'd have thought you'd snatch up the Vertigo villains.

    he's adding you in the other PM.
    cause DC is easier to do :p

    Slacker. I'm switching to Vertigo then.

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    There aren't really any major Vertigo villains though.

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    There aren't really any major Vertigo villains though.

    None really major, but there are a few like the Saint of Killers from Preacher and The Smiler from Transmet.

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    I can come up with 5 villains for Marvel.

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    I can come up with 5 villains for Marvel.

    so, you'll do Marvel! Cool!

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    @Billy Batson said:


    There aren't really any major Vertigo villains though.

    None really major, but there are a few like the Saint of Killers from Preacher and The Smiler from Transmet.

    Herr Starr was the bigger villain :p
    and there's Anton Arcane, Nergal and a few more...

    #10 Posted by ReVamp (23014 posts) - - Show Bio

    Dude, I'm not going to have a way to be on Comicvine for the next day or two, so I appreciate the heads up, but it seems I'm late anyways, Billy's already got the DC comics spot. :P

    #11 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

    Both companies I wanted are already picked. No point in picking a company I know nothing about. Have fun with this one guys.

    #12 Posted by Liberty (9591 posts) - - Show Bio

    I can take of the following if you want.  (if you want) he said coyly.

    1. Top Cow Comics/Image Comics:
    2. Dark Horse Comics/Dark Horse Manga:
    3. Dynamite Entertainment:
    4. IDW Publishing:
    5. AcclaimComics/Valiant Comics:
    6. Wildstorm Comics:
    7. AC Comics:
    8. America's Best Comics(ABC)/Milestone Comics/First Comics:
    9. Harvey Comics/Quality Comics:
    10. Epic Comics/Malibu Comics:
    11. Dell Comics:
    12. Gold Key Comics:
    13. Charlton Comics/Fawcett Comics:
    14. Eclipse Comics:
    15. Fox Comics/Holyoak Comics:
    #13 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio


    Well, its the thought that counts, I guess...

    You can still help with the wild card nominations (thats a new thing we're going to do, so that we try not to miss characters...) and the final voting. Hope that problem is fixed...

    @Liberty: I bet you can....Well, Turok can do all 20 :P

    #14 Posted by chalkshark (1271 posts) - - Show Bio

    While I'm sorely tempted to declare for an easier company, like Dynamite or Charlton, I think I'd like to stand on Quality/ Harvey. Seems like I should complete the circle, & reveal the evil side of the coin. Hopefully, there'll be a little time to work on it, as I'll need to do some research.

    #15 Posted by Jnr6Lil (8699 posts) - - Show Bio

    I was gonna call Marvel in PM if DC wasn't open.

    #16 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (44809 posts) - - Show Bio

    I would do Image but I'm to chicken lol. How else can I help out?

    #17 Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k (5595 posts) - - Show Bio

    @The Poet:

    I don`t know how I could help.

    Hmmh...what about Disney? You know, Black Pete, Beagle boys etc.

    Oh gee. They`re not supervillains.

    Or, well, something I`ve read about!

    #18 Posted by Silkcuts (6040 posts) - - Show Bio

    any company I should take?

    #19 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

    @Silkcuts: anyone you want. I leave it up to you to decide...

    #20 Posted by Silkcuts (6040 posts) - - Show Bio
    @The Poet:  cool cool, I'll let a few get snatched up first.
    #21 Posted by HigorM (7717 posts) - - Show Bio

    @The Poet: i´ll for those 20 member (more experienced then me) to do the representation, and then vote ok?

    #22 Edited by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

    @HigorM: if thats what you want. You'll also have a chance to nominate "wild card nominations" which the list might be missing (its a new thing I have started to fix some problems we had previously) in additon to the voting.

    edit addition: Cool! we're at 2 pages already!

    #23 Posted by HigorM (7717 posts) - - Show Bio

    @The Poet: how that works?

    #24 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

    @HigorM: when the nomination process is over, other users can look at the list and say, "I think such and such character should be on the list" and then if 10 users agree, such and such character will be added...

    #25 Edited by PikminMania (4770 posts) - - Show Bio

    @The Poet: I'll Take Dark Horse!!

    #26 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

    6 out of 20. I think thats pretty good... 14 more users to go! I say thats a good job for one day!

    #27 Posted by Hawkeye446 (3975 posts) - - Show Bio

    @The Poet said:

    @haydenclaireheroes said:

    I can come up with 5 villains for Marvel.

    so, you'll do Marvel! Cool!

    My only real speciality is Marvel :S

    I guess I could do ABC, but Silk would do far better... Up to you.

    #28 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

    @Hawkeye446: Well can you name 5 villains from ABC and can you write nominaton reasons for those characters? If you say yes, then consider it.

    Although I am the host of this whole list, its up to you. Are you up to the challenge? do you think you can do it? I leave you with those questions and I bid you adieu. Goodnight...

    #29 Posted by Hawkeye446 (3975 posts) - - Show Bio

    @The Poet said:

    @Hawkeye446: Well can you name 5 villains from ABC and can you write nominaton reasons for those characters? If you say yes, then consider it.

    Although I am the host of this whole list, its up to you. Are you up to the challenge? do you think you can do it? I leave you with those questions and I bid you adieu. Goodnight...

    It really depends. I haven't read much from ABC, I COULD probably get about 5. Hmmmmm, I will try. Where do I put in the nominations?

    #30 Posted by turoksonofstone (14411 posts) - - Show Bio

    Epic/Malibu? Can I get it?

    #31 Posted by jaywray (635 posts) - - Show Bio

    @The Poet: Dang, I coulda done Marvel-Darkhorse-vertigo sadly im not to familiar with the others, but if theres anything else i could help with let me know :)

    #32 Edited by TheRedRobin96 (356 posts) - - Show Bio

    Hmm I call dibs on IDW since Marvel is taken. I think I have a good idea on who I will nominate!

    #33 Posted by jhazzroucher (20291 posts) - - Show Bio

    i really want malibu but somebody volunteered first. Then i guess i'll just have to post who i feel should be on the list and hopefully somebody will consider. : )

    #34 Edited by entropy_aegis (17543 posts) - - Show Bio

    Doctor Doom




    Lex Luthor


    Cyborg Superman



    Red Skull


    Norman Osborn

    Doc Ock




    Mirror Master



    Ra's al Ghul

    If even one of these 20 guys does'nt make it then i'm gonna troll so hard.

    #35 Posted by Saren (27517 posts) - - Show Bio

    @entropy_aegis: Pretty sure Harley Quinn will have a high rank as well :D

    #36 Posted by entropy_aegis (17543 posts) - - Show Bio

    @CitizenBane said:

    @entropy_aegis: Pretty sure Harley Quinn will have a high rank as well :D

    Meh,she's an insult to villainy.

    #37 Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k (5595 posts) - - Show Bio


    Oh, because she started out as a sidekick of Joker? After that she DID became an independent (well, of course she had goons and Ivy...) villain, who was fun. But, after that she became an antivillain... Which is a little boring.

    @The Poet:

    Hey, Poet-man...I haven`t really read IDW-comics, but I could help someone who has. I mean, it does have Shredder, Daleks etc.

    #38 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

    8 and possibly 9 out of Twenty. progress!

    #39 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

    ok. now 9 out of Twenty!

    #40 Posted by Loki9876 (3361 posts) - - Show Bio

    can i just suggest or vote on some villains here?

    #41 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

    @Loki9876: well, right now, we are collecting nominators. They will nominate 5 characters from their publisher and then everyone can nominate "Wild Card Nominations" which are characters which you think should be on the list which aren't.

    see how it works?

    #42 Posted by Jnr6Lil (8699 posts) - - Show Bio

    @entropy_aegis said:

    Doctor Doom




    Lex Luthor


    Cyborg Superman



    Red Skull


    Norman Osborn

    Doc Ock




    Mirror Master



    Ra's al Ghul

    If even one of these 20 guys does'nt make it then i'm gonna troll so hard.

    Alot of guys on this list should stay.

    #44 Posted by Jnr6Lil (8699 posts) - - Show Bio

    @Loki9876 said:

    can i just suggest or vote on some villains here?

    Think you can.

    #45 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

    @Jnr6Lil said:

    @Loki9876 said:

    can i just suggest or vote on some villains here?

    Think you can.

    though we won't be nominating until after we get people and then after they nominate villain we'll have a time for Wild card nominations, which is why everyone can nominate characters and we'll vote on that...

    #46 Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! (2663 posts) - - Show Bio

    Dang! Marvel's taken.... that's my specialty lol. If I can come up with characters that hayden can't could they (possibly) be added to the list?

    #47 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

    9 out of 20! Lets get more people! I know Liberty and Silkcuts are waiting in the wings (or something like that...), so thats 11, but I want to see more people!

    Perhaps some new faces! Join us!

    #48 Posted by Liberty (9591 posts) - - Show Bio
    @The Poet: No doubt!  I guess I'm saying I'm willing to be put were you need me.
    #49 Edited by jhazzroucher (20291 posts) - - Show Bio

    Don't forget the following villains in your list:

    Larfleeze = unique character who wants power all for himself and himself only

    Superboy Prime = who killed a lot of known dc comic characters again?

    Callisto = a skilled h2h fighter. Not only that, she leads the Morlocks.

    Orochimaru = great character for a villain, awesome skills and i like the big ribbon-like stuff at his back. : )

    Apocalypse = only the strongest survives. He's a cool blue villain with an A on his belt.

    Vulcan = who says he can't beat the imperial guards?

    Shadow King = Once he gets you, you'll never know you existed. A very powerful telepath.

    Juggernaut = He's unstoppable.

    Sebastian Shaw = Hellfire means Shaw and he'll always be the Black King

    Sentinels = they may be underappreciated but when it comes to video games, they're second to Magneto.

    Pain = the greatest villain created in Naruto.

    Mad Jim Jaspers = reality manipulation is his dayjob.

    Mystique = One of the most popular female villains in all comics... is wrong. She is the most popular female villain in comics.

    #50 Posted by Saren (27517 posts) - - Show Bio

    If Croc isn't on the list, trolling will commence.