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Poll: Comic Vine Question of the Week VOTING: Batman Arkham Knight: What Excites You The Most? (175 votes)

It's the finale, so bring on the epic story! 22%
I can drive the batmobile?! YES! 17%
I can't wait to beat up goons as Harley Quinn! 5%
I'm anxious to see if there's new combat mechanics/equipment! 4%
Test my mind, Rocksteady, and hit me with more detective work! 2%
The return of Kevin Conroy (not confirmed, but VERY likely)! 6%
Dude, it's a new Batman game by ROCKSTEADY. 'Nuff said! 45%

Oh yes, Rocksteady is back! It's official: the very awesome studio is giving us its third Batman game. Not only will this be their grand finale for the Dark Knight, but it's also introducing a huge gameplay element: the batmobile. As if gliding and leaping across the rooftops of Gotham City wasn't fun enough, you'll now be able to speed through its streets. Apparently Harley Quinn will be playable in challenges and we'll see the return of quite a few villains (e.g. Scarecrow, Two-Face, Penguin). Also, Kevin Conroy previously stated he was working on a Batman game, so it's safe to assume he'll reprise his role as the Caped Crusader in this one. Needless to say, it's a thrilling reveal, but we want to know what has you the most excited.

The poll will stay open until Thursday morning (ET). After casting your vote, dive into the comments section and speak your mind. Make an awesome enough post and we just may highlight it in the results article. That updated article will hit the homepage on Thursday, so be sure to check back then to see the results and whether your post was selected. See you then, Viners. In the meantime, enjoy freaking out over the news and feast your eyes on a better look at Bruce's new armor.

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Batman game....Rocksteady

Yeah I'm excited

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Finally being able to drive the Batmobile. Not to mention that it's design is pure sex.

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Greatest Game EVER!

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Payoff on everything they've been building up since the first game. Hush, Azrael, and an epic Scarecrow comeback. Fingers crossed on more Bat-family.

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The epic story! Bring it!

Also, I hope they tie everything from Origins together in this finale, because it felt a bit "on the side". Gah, I'm so excited.

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The epic story! Bring it!

Also, I hope they tie everything from Origins together in this finale, because it felt a bit "on the side". Gah, I'm so excited.

Because Origins wasn't suppose to exist. I bet they are going to ignore it

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I can't decide!

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The fact that every next/current gen open-world game has looked nothing short of amazing so far (Infamous: Second Son, Watch Dogs, etc.) so I expect nothing but utter greatness from this one. Also, Batmobile.

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Everything!! I can't wait!

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I'm glad they are ending the Arkham games but WAIT! Hear me out:

The Arkham series has been my favorite of the last gaming generation but as with other franchises, they become dull and fail when they carry out too long and don't get a proper ending (Tomb Raider before the reboot, Resident Evil, Mega Max X, etc.). Because they chose to end it when the time was right (as some are already seeing the series being possibly milked), the series can reach a pinnacle of greatness so that we can all look back and see that this was one of the best game series ever instead of one that used to be great but then jumped the shark. I prefer my things with proper closure and it's why I tend to like indie comics better sometimes.

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@nukea6: easy there, take a breathe. Now doesn't that feel better?

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I'm not upset. I just like to see things end well. When Batman Arkham is done, there's always Suicide Squad. Wasn't Rocksteady planning a game for that?

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@nukea6 said:


I'm not upset. I just like to see things end well. When Batman Arkham is done, there's always Suicide Squad. Wasn't Rocksteady planning a game for that?

No Warner bros montreal was planning that.

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We all knew the answer.RS.

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I am gonna say Why I am exited for this game:
This not a cross gen game that means that they are going to use the next generation to his maximum potential. This is gonna enable us: Bigger and more detailed Gotham, More enemies in map (this means that Gotham isn't going to be a ghost city like Origins), Better graphics (Everything will feel more real) and more power to include features like the Batmobile.

another reason is that Rocksteady has time to upgrade the fighting system and to create new gadgets for this final adventure. I am confident that they are going to create an awesome story and with the return of Kevin Conroy, we will feel more immersed in the story.

Scarecrow will finally be a central villain. This means that we might never know what is real and what not, this could be us as a good plot twist . The stakes seem to be bigger than ever because of the dangerous enemy that Scarecrow is and because this is the final game of the franchise and we know that the people in Rocksteady don't have a problem killing a major character like the Joker.

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The fact that we can drive the bat mobile is awesome. I can't wait to see the whole city in action! Game of year!

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I don't know what to vote, I'm like.. Wow..

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The graphics in the trailer are the best ive ever seen AN THEYRE IN A BATMAN GAME! Plus that opening voice of scarecrow is so sinister an evil an amazing

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A new Batman game!Yes!And to everyone who sees this and if you fit the bill for this game:


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A new Batman Arkham game by Rocksteady!?!?!

Excuse me while I go to the nearest GameStop and buy a new generation console.

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Being able to finally drive around in the Batmobile is awesome. Still don't know for the life of me why it's taken this long to be part of the gameplay

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I am excited for many reasons, the Rocksteady studio returning is always a hit, I'd love to be driving in the Batmobile being so used to travelling from rooftop to rooftop instead this time fast travelling by street and cant wait to see the graphics in next-gen.

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Batmobile, obviously. That just sounds fun.

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Rocksteady Studios. *speaking slowly and dramatically* Freaking. Rock. Steady. Studios.

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It's Rocksteady AND Batman, what more do you want?! ^__^

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I'm just upset its for xbox one and ps4.

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Is this the finale? Jeez, the series is too good to end.

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Actually, if you read the GameInformer article. . .

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I lost my crap. I'm going to get a PS4.

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I like how everyone even Rocksteady is acting like Batman Arkham Origins doesn't exist Lol,that game was so unnecessary though.

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I'm a bit sick of Batman. I'll still play the game because I own the other 3 and I can't go this deep into it and not end it. I hope the villain is different this time though.

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At first a I didn't believe it but then I saw the trailers.

And from the description of the game it sounds like my uncle (used to work for Rocksteady and now has a bunch of friends from there) was right and there's no point in hiding it now.... He told me a couple of months ago that in this finale EVERY Batman villain that has been in the previous games is going to be in this one. I doubt they can fit every one but A LOT of them are going to be in it hence in the description "Scarecrow unites the villains" or something like that. Hopefully more Deathstroke, Hush. Killer Croc, Ra's, Clayface, and possibly The Joker [I don't actually want more Joker because I'd prefer a different villain but there's a rumor that he's in it].

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I would really like to see a proper in depth and challenging detective mode

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Dude its a new Batman game by Rocksteady!!! I'm excited about everything. For one the epic story that we all know Rocksteady will deliver. More epic boss battles like Freeze's. Third THE GOD DAMN BAT..MOBILE. Fourth more Riddler challenges because everyone loves those. Finally its flipping Batman on the Xbox One! I cant wait.