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Well every year people make their self-resolutions for the new year and try to change something about themselves and their lives. While I made a few of those I was watching a YouTube video where this guy describes how he is making comic collecting resolutions for his collection and his buying habits. After watching his video I have decided to make a few of my own. Before I get to my resolutions I figured I should describe my current comic collection and habits (As a poor

college student).

The Collection:

Last year for my senior of high school I did my senior project on Batman and through my research into the character and his history as a pop culture icon (in the real world), I found myself drawn to researching the various story arcs and the past of the character (in the comic world). With all that said, I started reading the trades that were in the school library and from that point on I have been hooked ever since. I bought my first few comics at an antique shop in March of 2012 and so I have been getting into it ever since then. Since March I have been able to amass a collection of a little over 600 comics. I was able to select a few series early on to catch up on and start reading. I have the full run so far of Batman, Batman The Dark Knight, Justice League, and Green Lantern all in first prints with the exception of Justice League #1. I also have the 12 issues of Avengers vs. X-men. My collection was amassed pretty much by the buying of grab bags from Midtown Comics and a few value packs (when they had them by character) from mycomicshop.com. My oldest comic is from 1981 and span up to this month. I have added a few more monthly pick-ups including Amazing into Superior Spider-man, Avengers, and Fantastic Four since the Marvel now began.

Current Habits:

I currently buy my monthly/bi-weekly comics of Batman, Batman TDK, Justice League, Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, Superior Spider-man, and Avengers and when I get some extra money to spend on myself I will get a grab bag or a back issue I missed. But I got a few grab bags for Christmas for 150 total books and I found that out of those I got 51 doubles which I plan to sell to get my months’ worth of issues from my local shop to help them out and me out, thanks to the major overarching story arcs that is Death of the Family, Rise of the Third Army, and Throne of Atlantis.


1. My first resolution is to try to increase my monthly pull list by a series or two. I want to start consistently getting Daredevil and possibly try something new (suggestions welcome for all superhero comics or even other).

2. My second resolution is to stop buying so many grab bags and begin to save that extra money to add more key issues and story arcs to my collection. My favorite heroes I plan to collect stories and series for are Batman, Spider-man, Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Avengers, and the Justice League. In my life I would like to get as close as possible to completing the first Batman run, first Fantastic Four run, first Daredevil run, and whatever else I want to have regarding the other characters I like. My goal for this year is to start those collections by getting at least one Silver Age to early Bronze Age book for each series listed and I want The Defenders #1 from the original series. I have the first 6 issues from the 2011 Defenders series so I want to get that collected as well. I want to work on getting cheap filler issues for those other series as well.

3. I originally told myself that I want to get all the issues for the major story arcs for my favorite characters but I have since decided that I want to read them more than I can wait to complete runs, so I have decided that I want to start buying trades so I can read the past stories of my favorite characters quicker and that will also allow me to buy higher grade issues for the characters I like and not have to worry about opening them. To second that I will also be able to read key story arcs on characters that I like but do not necessarily want to spend all my time collecting so I can enjoy more stories and maybe find some new favorites. I do not own any trades at the moment.

I will let either nobody or anybody who happens to read it in the blog how everything is going every few months of so. Let me know what your comic collecting resolutions are and give me a good follow while you're at it :)

Thanks for the read if you got this far before falling asleep,


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I get it, it was to long to read... lol

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Interesting though.

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I don't think many people are prepared to read through it. So far that I know of is only me.

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Good luck on your resolution my friend