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I’m walking through toys’r’us, and looking at the figures based on comic book characters. There’s mostly Batman: TDK/TKDR, a few Green lantern movie figures, and then the Marvel Legends figures. It then suddenly hits me. Where are all the comic cartoon figures?

When I was younger, there was figures from B:TAS, Spider-Man:TAS, X-Men:TAS and Superman:TAS. There were tones of them, including really cool vehicles.

Now looking at the cartoons we currently have, there’s Green Lantern, Young Justice, Avengers: Earths mightiest heroes and Ultimate Spider-Man. I haven’t seen any toys based on these shows at all, apart from Young Justice, and even then there isn’t that many toys available. What has happened? I know marvel has its legends line, but it isn’t the same as having toys that look like they came straight out of the cartoon.

I mean toys based on SUCCESSFUL comic cartoons can’t be that hard to market. A child watches the show, enjoys it, you buy him/her the action figure. It’s that easy.

I know a lot of kids are more obsessed with technological gadgets than figures now a day, but I think that also has something to do with that they can’t get anything based on the shows their watching now. Its like the toy companies are admitting defeat in this technological age. They also seem to only be putting out toys based on the superhero films. Maybe companies see these as a sure thing to market.

When I was younger I loved playing with the action figures based on my favourite show. It encourages a child’s imagination, and gets them involved with story telling at a young age, as they create their own stories. Something that should be encouraged more.

Also from a collector’s point of view, it’s damn right annoying when there’s nothing based on your favourite comic cartoon, haha.

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I've found there are indeed many action figures based on these current cartoons, with the notable exception of "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes," but the problem is they are impossible to find at most retail stores and are way over-priced at the after market specialty shops.

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@PowerHerc: Are you sure. None of my comic book shops sell any toys based on the cartoons we have now. bigbadtoystore.com, toywiz.com, and toy globe don't sell any apart from Young Justice.

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@neale7: I've bought several Young Justice action figures for my son and some figures based on the most recent Batman animated series but I guess you're right when it comes to Ultimate Spider-Man. Despite there being literally hundreds of Spider-Man figures out there, I haven't seen any based on the Ultimate series.

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@PowerHerc: Yeah i know Young Justice has few, though there not great. As for Avengers, Green Lantern and Ultimate Spider-man cartoons there's none. My point is that these are successful animated cartoons for kids(and adults), but there's little to no toys available based on them.

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Action figures aren't as popular as they used to be. Kids are getting video game consoles at younger and younger ages, and most would much rather play a game than play with a Spider-Man figure. (Hell, with the way action figures have gone up in price, the cost against a video game is comparable anyway).  
Adult collectors, on the other hand, are far more exact with their purchases, and won't buy yet another Spider-Man figure just because the sculpt is slightly different. This means that toy companies rarely get the return required on licensed toys (like those from a Marvel or DC animated series).   
Another issue is international appeal. A lot of these cartoons aren't broadcast in countries where the toys are expected to ship. What do you think a kid will want more? A Hulk from the new Avengers film, or a stylised/cartoony Hulk from EMH (a show they've never seen)?  
And the final problem is that a lot of these cartoons simply aren't on long enough for the companies to get a good turnover rate. To use Avengers: EMH as an example, by the time the first wave of figures would have come out, the series would have started its second season, and new characters (meaning new toys) were being introduced. By the time those figures would be released, the series was cancelled.  
Ultimate Spider-Man is getting figures, but only three announced so far. That's how long it takes for a figure to get made. 

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@neale7: I agree, the Young Justice figures are subpar. I wish there were some Avengers: EMH figures, but I personally don't think any more Spider-Man, Iron Man or Green Lantern figures are necessary. There have been so many clogging the shelves for years now and I think the fact that these end up languishing makes retailers leery of carrying the other lines of super-hero toys or less likely to order as much of them when they do.

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@FadeToBlackBolt: I see where your coming from. With how long an actually series is now, its hardley worth it. I surpose the new thundercats is another example of a show cut short. I'd also forgot how expensive action figures have got. My parents used to pay half of what they are now, and the figures were a bit bigger and had more accessories with them.

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@neale7: Yep, Thundercats is a good example.   
Thundercats got figures, and then was cancelled, meaning only half the characters were released, which makes collectors wary of purchasing them, because no one wants half a set.
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i assume more people are getting into collecting.

before i started collecting before 2009, i saw everyone on the shelf.

since i've started collecting, i'v seen less.