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How Powerful is KWAI? That’s a question I would often ponder. For those who don’t know who or what the hell I’m talking about; Kwai is a member of the Blood Syndicate. She was one of two syndicate members who did not get their powers from the big bang. Kwai is a mystical warrior believed to be from ancient China, who has been ressurected by magical forces to battle evil mystical demons who threathen human civilazition. Kwai had more super natural abilities than the any other member of the blood syndicate. Unfortunately, we the readers and fan of the series never got the full dose of the limits of her powers. Throughout the Syndicates’ duration we saw small samples of Kwai’s abilities. During her first appearances in Blood Syndicate; Kwai has showed the ability to possess a human body, fly, enhanced fighting skills, and the ability to heal others. As the series went on, we got to see her demonstrate some other impressive abilities. Here’s a run down of the powers shown by Kwai. As stated before, Kwai used her powers to heal her teammates but she also used them to heal herself.

1. Kwai has the ability to create a"Healing Cocoon" for herself that would radiates a mystical Golden light of illumination. This light neutralizes superhuman abilities of anyone within a 2 ft. radius, protecting Kwai from her enemies while she heals.

2. Kwai has the ability of flight. Kwai was able to fly at various levels as shown during her first appearance while chasing the Demon Fox or during the Super-Man/ Blood Syndicate crossover Worlds' Collide.

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3. Kwai has the ability of Thread Manipulation/Animation: Kwai showed that she also had the ability to manipulate, shape, and animate/control her clothes to use as restraints or/and as a weapon during battles as shown in the Static Shock: Rebirth of the cool # 4

4. Kwai has the ability of Hair manipulation (Comakinesis): Similar to her ability to control her clothes, Kwai can also do the same with her hair. Kwai's hair which appears to be at least 5 feet long can be shaped and manipulated as an appendage. Kwai's used her hair in battles to strike and defend attacks from her adversaries. Kwai's hair has the ability to lift up and hold heavy objects as evident be her ability to carry two children (both over the age of 5) while she flew through the sky.

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5. Kwai has the ability of Empathy: Kwai had the ability to sense how others are feeling as well as understand their emotions relating to hopes, dreams, fears, and desires.

6. Kwai has the ability of resurrection: When we are introduced to Kwai, she is on her 77th life. This means since the ancient times, Kwai has died and been re-born 76 times. I believe it’s 78 now as she died again in her final battle with the Demon Fox only to be resurrected once again..but with a twist.

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7. Kwai has the ability of Transformation: When Kwai is resurrected into the body of someone from her lineage, she can transform from host to self. During this stage, Kwai possessed the body of kid named Nina Lam who changed into Kwai taking her personality and memories. Nina later gained the ability to change into Kwai after saying her name: "Kwai" . (**this ability took place after Kwai’s apparent death in Blood Syndicate # 35**). It is unknown if Nina Lam is currently Kwai or Kwai is Nina Lam. But Kwai's appearance has changed as of Milestone Forever # 1 and she appears to have more human features implying that Nina has completely took over the Kwai avatar.

8. Kwai was an exceptional fighter: as a mystic avatar from ancient china, Kwai developed several fighting techniques throughout the centuries which she has used as a member of the syndicate. Kwai also carried a Spear to use in battle. It is unknown if the spear had any special or mystically power.

9. Kwai has the ability to heal others: Kwai displayed the ability to heal members of the syndicate by touching them. Kwai was able to save Wise-Son from dying, calm down brickhouse during a seisure by touching her, and healing dmz after his fight with the demon fox with a kiss.

10. Kwai has the ability to...bleed gold blood?!? Uhh...."How is that really a super power?" u may ask; Well I know that don’t mean much..buttt I was still surprised to see that she had gold blood. The Syndicate could have used Kwai’s blood and made some jewelery. Hell, I could use some of her blood to sell myself. smh.

But seriously, with all these powers, Kwai is not even invincible ( yeah..why leave that out?!) as evident by her almost dying after taking a bullet from a regular gun during a blotched raid by the Syndicate. So with all these powers, I always wondered what else she could do unfortunately I never got a chance to find out. Now, with that being said...DMZ is another member I've also wondered about power-wise, but I’ll save that for next time.

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Sounds like she was the Dr. Strange of the group. I missed probably the latter half of the series, so I wasn't as familiar with her. I thought her powers had something to do with water lol.

DMZ was an alien, and Icon once recognized his uniform. His powers were kind of non-specific, but he was pretty danged powerful.

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@cbishop: Hmm..I never thought of it like that but yeah Kwai was able to do all that magic stuff, so i can see how she could be viewed as the stephen strange of the crew. Lmao. No man!! Aqua-Maria was the one that controlled water. They even brought her back during the Static Shock cartoon years ago. DMZ is actually a human who became intimately involved with a female cop (D'asmi) from Icon's world. After being shot during a battle between two aliens, the human was changed into DMZ by Alien technology used to save his life.

Hey, not sure what happened to your comment, but I was able to see it in my notifications. Yeah, you're right- I was thinking of Aqua Maria. I didn't know that about DMZ at all...I really need to hunt down those later issues. My point with Kwai is her powers would probably have never been fully explained. Magic is a plot device in fiction, and most times, it's left open for whatever the writer needs. So there probably would have been other things that she could do.