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Ok, so I was reading about Stephanie Brown the other day and I started thinking about how many fans both Steph and Cass Cain have and the fact that neither one of them has appeared in the new DCU. I kept thinking and started wondering how cool it would be if they had a comic book together. Now I know there would be mixed feelings considering how well the Huntress & Power Girl comic book is going (cough*sarcasm*cough) But really think about it, their comic would be cool as well if it was better written. So I want to see your reactions to a Cass and Steph comic book. I personally would like it if their friendship was explored a little more. I would also like their comic to be a little bit more personal. How they deal with their past and how they try to maintain a balance between their normal lives and their crime fighting career. Heck, I would love if they were to dabble in their love lives. What do you all think. If the writer and artists are good, would you consider reading Black Bat and Spoiler? Also comment on what title you would prefer ;)