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I collected casually as a kid growing up, dug them up and found I had some stuff worth something. Since then I have got back into collecting more seriously now, but I've been back to the comic scene for like 3 months now. I was wondering whats the best way to store comics so they are in good condition, more specifically what the best way to store or display valuable comics. I have a few bagged and boarded in the comic box with the rest of comics(most are bagged and boarded), but I wasn't sure if that could somehow not be the best way to store value comics. I have a few like new mutants 98, some good signed deadpool stuff, old captain america variant and few more I don't quite want to display but want to make sure that keeping them bagged and boarded in the box is alright and if not what's better way to store them for better condition. Any help and advice would be great, even anything you think a new comic collector should know! thanks!

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@chem86: It all depends on what you place your comics in, how you store your comics, and where you'll store the comic box. You can place your comics in any acid-free material bags to keep dirt off and maintain color on the covers and acid-free material boards to keep the comics alined, reducing creases and bends throughout the issue. The most useful storage box that alot of comic collectors use are long comic boxes, which are easy to assemble. The recommended places to store your boxes are where you would feel comfortable living in; pretty much anywhere that is suitable for living conditions, which will reduce mold and mildew and maintain color on pages. For more valuable comics, you can place in a CGC-Graded hardcover cases which you can acquire all these materials @ Midtown Comics.

P.S. You can store your comics from the front of the box working your way to the back of it.

Tip: Use a backing such as crumpled newspaper or graphic novels to hold comic issues upright.

hope this helped out a little bit!

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Thanks for all the advice