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This is a pretty awesome week for beautiful comic covers. When we were looking through our stack of new releases, we had a pretty difficult time choosing which comics to put on our list.

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First up though is Cory Walker''s cover to INVINCIBLE #94. I love the contrast in the two scenes depicted on this cover -- on the top portion of the image we see the series' main protagonist broken and beaten, and below we see two characters clearly in love. Not only is it great to see a range of emotions depicted on this week's cover, but Cory Walker's pencils are absolutely stunning. The colors on the cover are equally beautiful, too.

== TEASER ==
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THE WOLVERINE ANNUAL by Alan Davis is next up. Some of us are huge Alan Davis fans -- his style is incredibly unique and he really does a fantastic job on the cover to Wolverine's annual. One look at the image and you know it was drawn by Davis.This is a really intricate image with a lot of stuff going on, and Davis' attention to detail is evident here.

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My personal favorite cover for this week (and you may or may not agree) is Ken Garing's cover to his PLANETOID series. I am absolutely in love with this image. I love that the only real bit of color we see here is in the from at the very center of the page, who is perched before an industrial looking background. It's a breathtaking picture and creates this great contrast between organic life and synthetic. It seems like Garing really took his time when illustrating this image based on all of the details. I really love this image.

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Finally, we have Marcos Martin's cover's to the 50th issue of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Considering they were all absolutely stunning, it was pretty hard to choose just one -- so we've created a gallery (below) showing them all off. We loved how each one is unique and each cover captures a different time period. This is some truly beautiful artwork.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

We are sure we missed a few great covers this week, so be sure to post your favorites that didn't make our list down below!

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#1 Posted by zackattack529 (1408 posts) - - Show Bio

i did like Planetoids cover actually, just not so much the story, it hasnt got me interested in 3 issues so i dropped it.

also i think an Honorable mention is Ultimate comics: Ultimates

iron man looks kool in that cover, movie quality.

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#2 Posted by Billy Batson (59725 posts) - - Show Bio

Seriously? No mention ofScalped #60? The most important issue of the year? Wow just wow.

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Love that Planetoids cover, the 80's Spider-man cover was the one I wanted to get. didn't realise they were being sold as a set till I got in the store :/

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#4 Posted by guttridgeb (4881 posts) - - Show Bio

The Spider-Man ones were awesome, especially the venom one

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#5 Posted by Deranged Midget (18346 posts) - - Show Bio

The Spider-Man covers are fantastic. I'm stunned by the Planetoid cover as well.

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#6 Posted by LordRequiem (1358 posts) - - Show Bio

@Billy Batson: A comic book that features no superheroes or anything of the sort, just boring old gang crime. How could that possibly garner interest from anyone?

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#7 Edited by HollowInside (65 posts) - - Show Bio

What? No Batman TDK №12?

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#8 Posted by RedQueen (1199 posts) - - Show Bio

That Planetoid cover....wow.

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#9 Posted by KRYPTON (2424 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-Man FTW!!!

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#10 Posted by AWeekInGeekdom (238 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not reading Planetoid but it looks great!

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#11 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15333 posts) - - Show Bio

The Spider-man one beat the rest of them by far...

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#12 Posted by Zeeguy91 (1624 posts) - - Show Bio

Cannot believe the Flash #12 is not up there.

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#13 Posted by BADJEREMIE (107 posts) - - Show Bio

@LordRequiem:People love more men in tight who fight each others...is that right?

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#14 Posted by cincyducksfan35 (131 posts) - - Show Bio


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#15 Posted by kartron (535 posts) - - Show Bio
@Billy Batson It's not about important issue right? It's just nice covers that the staff likes..maybe they did not like scalped 60 cover
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#16 Posted by Billy Batson (59725 posts) - - Show Bio


True but it's still better than any of the covers in the article.

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#17 Posted by JayMar89 (93 posts) - - Show Bio

i expected to see flash on the list also

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#18 Posted by ravisher (732 posts) - - Show Bio

PLANETOID all the way man

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#19 Posted by Batnandez (522 posts) - - Show Bio

You guys mad?

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#20 Posted by lvenger (30424 posts) - - Show Bio

Those Spider-Man covers are simply wonderful.

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#21 Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale (10191 posts) - - Show Bio

Retro Spidey !

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#22 Posted by Mrakbarman (66 posts) - - Show Bio

Man, there should be a bigger list

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#23 Posted by Man of Lengend (1019 posts) - - Show Bio

you have got to be kidding me with that wolverine one

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#24 Posted by sturmritter (82 posts) - - Show Bio

Planetoid is definitely some time consuming intricate artwork. I've always found environmental art to be the most time consuming, and yet some of the most important art in any frame. I also like the user posted flash cover. And Spider-man cover is also nice.

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#25 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (11333 posts) - - Show Bio

I really loved all of the spidey variants!

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#26 Posted by xanthiss (181 posts) - - Show Bio

Planetoid is the only cool cover. The rest suck. Really 50 years of Spider-man and maybe they could have gotten some classic Spider-Man artists to have a feature cover.

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#27 Posted by xanthiss (181 posts) - - Show Bio

In fact I think this segment should post all the covers of the week and the fans should vote on the best.

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#28 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Amazing Spider-Man covers for me...but that Planetoid cover is pretty sweet too!

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#29 Posted by supermanfan122508 (31 posts) - - Show Bio

I just came back from my local comic store and I couldn't find Amazing Spider-Man #692. Guess I'll check Midtown Comics.

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#30 Posted by mikeclark1982 (423 posts) - - Show Bio

@supermanfan122508: i hate those guys.

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#31 Posted by noj (1400 posts) - - Show Bio

what crappy picks this week. The only good ones were the Spider-man covers. The rest are very plain

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#32 Posted by mtrakos (581 posts) - - Show Bio

that wolverine looks like sh*t.

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#33 Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2501 posts) - - Show Bio

It's always the same artist or book every week. While they may be good titles, don't get me wrong, but it's a tad annoying when other awesome titles are ignored.

Maybe I'm just picky that way.

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#34 Posted by FacetiousBeard (27 posts) - - Show Bio

I adore the Planetoid cover, it's one of my absolute favourites. Plus, y'know, Planetoid is decidedly awesome.

Quite like some of the Spider-man ones, but some of them are a bit naff.

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#35 Posted by ALittleTooRaph (91 posts) - - Show Bio

I was going to have to fight someone if that Planetoid #3 cover didn't show up on the list this week... such a great cover!

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#36 Posted by mattwing87 (441 posts) - - Show Bio

I want to get the variant cover of the death of Gwen Stacy of ASM #692!

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#37 Posted by Grey56 (823 posts) - - Show Bio

@mtrakos: I was hoping someone would say it before I had to. The rest are admirable - the Planetoid being the most compelling.

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#38 Posted by Utandi (220 posts) - - Show Bio

@ravisher said:

PLANETOID all the way man

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#39 Posted by EmmRoss (20 posts) - - Show Bio

Ted Naifeh's Courtney Crumrin and Manapul's Flash covers this week were better than all of these, except for Planetoid.

Even people who don't read/like comics could appreciate that Flash cover as a gorgeous piece of art!

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#40 Posted by hunter5024 (130 posts) - - Show Bio

I think the red spiderman cover easily tops the rest. I don't read 616 spidey, but I need to figure out how to pick this one up just for that. Not really sure how to get variant covers though. I guess I'll just ask them at my shop.

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#41 Posted by Kal'smahboi (3976 posts) - - Show Bio

I actually really liked Superman's cover this week. Flash's was amazing.

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#42 Posted by SneakyBawls (29 posts) - - Show Bio

The Gwen Stacy Spidey cover is the best. Greatest example of reducing a superhero to simply being human. And thanks to Sony's renditions of the character we'll probably never see that moment.

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#43 Posted by xanthiss (181 posts) - - Show Bio

"NOOOOooooo Spider-man! Don't throw paper, choose rock...no wait scissors!" A vs X --- Rock? Paper? Scissors? You decide!

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#44 Posted by Queso6p4 (1557 posts) - - Show Bio

@Zeeguy91: Gotta agree with you there. It is a nice one.

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#45 Posted by sora_thekey (8810 posts) - - Show Bio

Marcos Martin's "Death of Gwen Stacy" cover is my favorite.

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#46 Posted by TheWitchingHour (1350 posts) - - Show Bio

@Billy Batson said:

True but it's still better than any of the covers in the article.

I agree. It definitely deserves to be listed. But I think the Planetoid cover is better and the Spider-Man anniversary covers are just as good.

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#47 Posted by feebadger (1599 posts) - - Show Bio

@Billy Batson said:

Seriously? No mention ofScalped #60? The most important issue of the year? Wow just wow.


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#48 Posted by Grendel (574 posts) - - Show Bio

@Billy Batson: No, it's not. Everyone of the Marcos Spider-man covers are better.

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#49 Posted by Billy Batson (59725 posts) - - Show Bio


Not really...

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#50 Posted by KevinThomas (1 posts) - - Show Bio

The top scene of the Invincible cover was done by Ryan Ottley. Corey Walker only did the bottom scene.