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Wife picked up Arkham City for me on Valentine's about a month ago. I know, I know...I've waited a month to get started. Sue me. I had to wait nearly two years to play Asylum and beat it just after the first of the year. Oh well, at least I was able to play.

I gotta say - Asylum was one of the best games I've played in 5 years. Now, I don't play nearly as much as the wife - but whatever she plays (damn near everything) I watch her do so. In terms of its graphics,physical gameplay, story and overall gee whiz factors - truly I cannot equate it to anything I've played in a long damn time.

The best parallel I've been able to summon is akin to a super-hero esque Resident Evil. The first one. The suspense which is built in to the surroundings was tangible. Only back on the fist Resident Evil did I have that sense of anticipation which comes from the horror genre. I could truly gush about Asylum for days, however as it has been something which I'm sure folks have worn the wheels off of lately - I'll just leave it by saying that while only 10 % into City, I am very pleased to see the level of excellence in all aspects continue. Review to follow !

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Never played it but sounds cool, i also love resident evil.

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If you haven't played Arkham Asylum yet, I truly cannot recommend it highly enough. Regardless as to whether they read comics or not, the merits of the game reach beyond the comic community and provide great entertainment. Thanks for stopping by.

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Agreed, it is a great game! Have you read all the tie-in comics for the Arkham Asylum/City games as well? I still need to finish my playthrough on normal so that I can do new game+ and play the game in my Batman Beyond costume (that's my most favorite batsuit design!). I played all the way through on easy first, because I remembered struggling on Arkham Asylum on easy, but it ended up being too easy lol. I only died once, and that was when fighting the 2nd to last boss, and only because Batman clipped through a corner in the room and got stuck so I couldn't freaking dodge :/ Anyway, I'm about half-way through the main story on my normal playthrough. Got distracted by Skyrim lol.

Anyway I just love how "Batman-y" those games are. It's just like that X-Men Origins: Wolverine game, in that it really makes you FEEL the power and essence of the character, unlike any other games featuring him (Wolverine or Batman haha).

How far into it are you?? Have you checked out any of the dlc? I love playing as Nightwing-- his electrified escrima sticks are so. much. fun.

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Arkham City and Arkham Asylum are the best superhero games made, period.