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Are they justified in what they do?

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Well... Yes and no. I see their rage and where it comes from. But they kinda go overboard sometimes. I would like to be a red lantern though

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I dont think so. Someones personal feelings shouldn't be a reason to hurt people

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No, not at all. They're mad.

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No, not at all. They're mad.

Someone should found a new corp of lanterns named the Troll Lantern Corps.

It would be like the relationship between a Green and Blue lantern. A red lantern is always more powerful in the presence of a Troll lantern because...


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Letting rage consume you is never justified.

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They really only want justice as they have been so unjustly treated ... but when that rage consumes the person they destroy everything around them, its a very good metaphorical example of how revenge and anger can go too far and make you into somewhat a monster.

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I find they're more justified than the GLs were when the guardians were in charge.

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Its not like they have a choice in turning back and putting the ring down

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@eisenfauste said:

@shawnbaby: Anakin felt justified ;)

Anakin slaughtered a bunch of Children.

But feeling justified doesn't mean you are justified.

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Well, I feel that they have the right to be angry. Each member of the Red Lantern Corp has suffered some sort of tragedy that left them with nothing to rely on but rage. And in most, if not all, cases it seems that the circumstances justified their putting on the rings and being consumed by anger (particularly Atrocitus and Bleez). All of that being said, that doesn't necessarily justify the steps that the Red have taken in pursuit of vengeance.