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It is ironic, because some superhero fans claim to hate fantasy (not all, but some).

But when you compare science fiction to superheroes, one of them has more of a basis in reality. At least with what can be proved by science. Science is about what can be proved, fantasy is about showing what is unproven.

Superheroes are:

1. Wish fulfillment. Yeah, you know you wanna fly.

2. Beating your problems. This is made a simple case of beating them down with your fists. Very short range view. Not like the real world where it requires a long range view to accomplish the most good.

So I know this probably won't happen unless some makes it happen, but I think it would be cool if someone made a character that:

1: Had to solve their problems with a long range point of view. In other words, the battle won't be the end all be all solution. Even if the battle is necessary. much more will be required than mere martial combat to beat the challenges they face. Or maybe they are horrible at combat and rely on their wit solely (Batman with prep, minus any combat skills).

2. Wish fulfillment? Not exactly. If your going to get great power their should be strings attached. And by strings I mean a loss of the complete freedom to do whatever you want. Their would be actual safeguards in place to keep said character from being reckless. Or their would be consequences that would destroy your power if you broke the rules of what your supposed to do. In other words, being a superhero would be treated like any other job. Follow the rules and you keep it. You don't you get fired. You would need authorization for anything you did.

Ultimately this would be the closest one could get to mirroring a hero on us everyday type of people. Who have to account for our actions and can't just fly or swing away like whiny kids.

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Superheroes and Fantasy are two different genres of fiction.