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Usually comic book sidekicks tend to stay as second tier characters, even in instances where the become more independent (characters like Nightwing are an obvious exception) from their mentors. That being said, the main hero tends to hold onto a much larger fanbase than most developed sidekicks. I was wondering have their been any characters who have changed this dynamic? Are there any sidekicks who have tied or surpassed their original mentor in terms of fanbase size. The only two I can think of off the top of my head are Wally West and Stargirl.

Certain generations of comic fans find Wally to be more captivating than Barry Allen as the Flash and their fanbases are pretty close in size.

Stargirl has become more popular than her partner S.T.R.I.P.E. and might currently be considered more popular than Jack Knight.

This is mostly speculation since we haven't polled every single fan but can you think of any other sidekicks or former sidekicks that fit this category (any comic sidekick, not just DC)?

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Arsenal (roy harper)

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Batman he's much more popular than wildcat lol

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not really a comic book sidekick originally, but i think Kato is more popular than The Green Hornet... mainly because of Bruce Lee

also i think Spock is more popular than Kirk.

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Wally West? Black Canary?

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Individually, there aren't many. But it isn't uncommon for the various Teen Titans series to outsell their mentor's books on an individual basis. At times, TT has outsold Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, or Flash.

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Rusty from big guy and rusty :P
Luigi is clearly more superior than Mario :P

but in all seriousness now. Don't know much about this guy but Kato from green hornet.
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