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I've spent a small fortune amassing my digital comics collection on Comixology. As much as love the service, it's so darned expensive. I'm paying the same as print customers, and it's not like I'm going to be able to leave these digital issues behind, or easily share them with other people once I'm through reading them 1-2 times. I also understand the legal small print - I'm essentially paying full sticker price for a license to use these comics for an undefined amount of time.

With digital content, everything else is going the subscription model. I don't bother buying movies anymore. Redbox and Netflix are cheaper and more effective. Amazon Prime also offers a huge digital library for reading. Having a Spotify subscription allows you to literally listen to anything you want on demand, without having to worry about "owning" a particular album.

Unlike other mediums, comics are behind. But Marvel kind of got the jump on the competition by offering its digital subscription service. Now that a beta version is out for the iPad, I'm really tempted to drop Comixology and just pay a flat yearly fee for stuff.


Here's my question though: Has anyone here used Marvel's Digital Subscription service in the past? Most of it looks pretty old and dated. I'm ok backtracking and reading some older stuff, but how behind are they? How slow are they with offering newer stuff? Are stories presented in their complete form or are they fragmented?

I'd be grateful for any feedback. Cheers.

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I subscribed for two years. It was pretty good for checking out classic issues, and they do have a pretty extensive database of modern stuff too. New stuff comes out all the time, and on average I'd say they are about six months behind on current releases, but not everything gets added.

The full issues are posted.

My main issue was I like cosmic stories, which they are pretty lacking. Tons of mutants, spiders and Avengers though.

My only real problem I had was I started uncanny x force and they skipped the last issue of the first arc, which I was upset about. Don't know how common this is.

I say give it a shot for a month and see if you like it. If so, go for a yearly.

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@jloneblackheart: Thanks! That is exactly the kind of info I needed. I think I'll give it a spin.