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Does anyone else hate this system or are understanding to it? I feel like these sorts of restrictions and hoops to jump through to get a comic are really what's causing comics to become more and more niche products. I was just thinking about it and the system really sucks. 
I don't know whether it's the system for Comixology that sucks or it's the shop I visit. I just never seem to get my books on time.

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You should email them and tell them the problems you're having and what they can do to make their site more accessible and searchable. 

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I just wish I lived in a better city with better comic shops.

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I think it's just your comic shop. The system really isn't that complicated. You just have bad sellers.
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David from comiXology, here. We'd love to hear how we can help improve the site so pulling comics and picking them up at your local store is an easier experience. Certainly, we'd like to move the needle of your feelings from "hate" closer to "like", or at least "useful", if not eventually "love". =) 
Tell us more about the problem. Are you connected to your local store through comiXology? At what point do you feel like your experience is breaking down? 
Thanks so much for your feedback. We want to make the site better, to make sure you're happy with the service. 
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Not sure if you're still interested in this topic as no one ever replied, but I'd love to see your response to this blog post I just wrote http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/djotaku/do-the-economics-of-digital-comicscomixology-make-sense/87-83831/