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So I was reading news about superhero films and I have come to the conclusion (in my opinion) that DC is simply screwed if they do not get their butts' in gear and try to keep up with the Marvel filmverse. Marvel is spewing out films left and right and none of them are real crap. DC has put out what like five films since 2000? and Marvel has put out 5 X-men related films alone, 4 Spider-Man, 2 Iron Man, Thor, 2 Hulk, Captain America, and an Avengers movie, and not to forget to mention that sequels to most if not all of those franchises are in production and I believe they plan on expanding to more heros. DC has put out three extremely quality films Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, and put out two completely crappy films, Green Latern and Superman Returns. Oh I forgot completely about Watchmen, which is in between the films I just listed, it was alright. Now as I was saying, DC films is in serious trouble if they do not keep stalling the films they plan to put out.

Now why are they stalling? Don't they know that their overall popularity of the future is at stake with the ending of the Nolan Batman era? Obviously they know this but it is because of one reason. They are simply stuck. They are having issues agreeing on how to go about introducing the characters because Marvel was able to produce the Avengers' individual character movies so effectively. In my honest opinion I think DC feels they need to jump into the big team movie before doing two things: 1) Giving Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman their own movies and 2) Effectively rebooting Green Lantern and Batman. Personally if they can pull a Marvel with a little surprise at the end of The Man Steel they could effectively launch right into the team-up movie but if not I think it would do the company better to put out a quality film for all the characters starting with The Man of Steel. They need to introduce to the none comic book readers the origins of the charcters before they can just randomly throw them into a team up and the movie would be far to long if they tried to introduce each character's backround.

My last opinion that want to throw out there is my opinion on JGL as Batman. I do not think in any possible his character John Blake should be the "new" Batman in the filmverse but I think he could rock the outfit if they change his castinf role to Bruce Wayne. I think he has the acting skills and he could easily beef up. I much rather have him for Flash or Green Lantern. Now to throw something else out there if they change his name to Toby McGuiness I think JGL could pull off a spin-off Nolan's series in a Batman Beyond movie. They could bring back Bale to play old Bruce Wayne and have JGL play a college aged Toby, he is to old to pull off the high school version. Honestly, I loved the cartoon (haven't read the comics even though I would like to, just never pick them up) and would love to see a live adaptation and they staged it almost perfectly with exception of the stupid John Blake "Robin the cop."

So to wrap it all into a pretty bow, DC needs to get their asses in gear!

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Until next time my fellow comic fans, same bat blog, same bat guy,


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I heard DC wasn't rebooting the Green Lantern Franchise but keeping it in the same continuity as the first film but with a serious mature tone.