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Just an idea, I know there have been several DC and Marvel crossovers in the past, but how about a longterm (say 6month) crossover where Spiderman somehow ends up in Gotham City and Batman lands in Spidey's world. I always thought both of them have the best villians and would love you see how Batman would match up against the Sinister six, Venom, Kingpin,etc.....and Spidey against Two-face, Joker, etc. I would bring a new twist on things, and I think both companies would benefit since it's not hero vs hero, and being afraid of who beats who. What do you guys think?

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any thoughts?

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I think a Daredevil/Batman crossover would be better.

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Sure it would be cool but not likely. I would also prefer it to be non-cannon and as a mini-series. Not in the main titles.

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It would be cool, I'll actually like it more if the villains got transfered rather than the heroes i.e. Spidey villains in Gotham ad Batman villains in New York but your idea is cool too although it will probably never happen.

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but batman would get seriously demolished... esp with no batcave. spidey really only survives first encounters because of his spidey sense and acrobatics/agility. like how's bats putting down rhino, hydroman, sandman, venom, carnage, mysterio, shocker, electro, etc?