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Hey, it's finally here! Young Justice Unlimited #2.

Just some shout outs..

@batkevin74, @TheCannon, @dngn4774, @PrinceIMC, @Avenging X-Bolt, @TommytheHitman, @BlackReaper, @ekrolo.

I hope you enjoy!


Team Alpha = Robin and Wonder Girl

Team Beta = Impulse and Lagoon Boy

Team Zeta = Blue Beetle and Guardian

Team Delta = Bumblebee and Static



July 10th, 05:00

Robin and Wonder Girl investigated Nightwing's apartment again, it'd been 5 days since 5 members of The Team were captured, and their were no leads to who the suspect was besides a pool of water at the front door, and their were way too many ice and water based villains for them to have a lead.

Wonder Girl looked at the front door, "No signs of forced entry, a teleporter maybe?"

Robin checked the bathroom area for any handprints, "I don't think so, the door was open. Why would a teleporter use the door?"

Wonder Girl took a few seconds to reply, "Maybe they can only teleport one person at a time? And I know someone with connections to The Light who does just that.."

Central City, 09:10

June 10th

Bumblebee and Static were assigned to Tigress' disappearance, they were the only ones that had a lead due to the Boom Tube activity.

They stopped at bar in Texas, Bumblebee looked at Static, "Ready?"

Static smirked, "Totally."

They entered the bar, and it was obvious what kind of bar it was.

Killer Frost, Poison Ivy, Bane, Abra Kadabra, and countless others. It was like every super villian you could think of were right there in front of them.

Killer Frost walked up to the heroes, "What are you doing here? Lost? If so.." She created an ice dagger in her hand, "We'll be happy to help you find your way." She looked at the new face, Static, "Who are you?"

Static created an electric ball in his hands, "They call me Static. Now, if you don't mind, we need to see Luthor."

Killer Frost walked away, "Kill them."

They were obviously outnumbered, so Static created an electric shield around them, "Mind calling for hel.."

The Teen Titans walked up to the duo, two men in a very bird like costumes walked past them, along with a woman who had a costume similar to that of Deathstroke, and a cyborg who had a canon for a right arm.

The last one, a yellow skinned and green eyed woman spoke to the two, "Hello, we'll handle this."

Static took down the electric field, "Uh, we're kind of assigned to this case."

Bumblebee stepped in, "Sorry, you must be confused, we are here to see Luthor to find our friend. Who are you anyway?"

"You're here for Miss Martian and Superboy aren't you? Oh, my name is Starfire by the way." Starfire somehow kept a steady smile as her colleagues defeated the villains behind the two.

Static scratched his head, "How do you know about that? That is classified information."

Starfire looked confused, "I think I may have given too much away, sorry about this." Starfire shot a beam of energy from her eyes, blasting the two backwards.

The cyborg walked over to Starfire, "He escaped in a helicopter."

Starfire called out, "Ravager, your team leader until I get back. Have the truck ready."

The deathstroke like woman replied, "Gotcha."

Starfire flew into the air at amazing speeds, within seconds she was flying right next to the helicopter. The pilot saw her and called something behind him, the door then opened and a man with a machine gun shot at her.

Starfire focused all her energy, a green aura surrounded her, when the bullets went near it they instantly melted, it was like green fire.

Starfire quickly replied to the attack and blasted a flare of energy from her hand.

It hit the top of the helicopter, before it went down, she swooped in and took Luthor.

She returned to the bar, Ravager had a van pulled up to it, Starfire threw him in and looked at the bird men and the Cyborg, "Hawk, Dove, Cyborg, interrogate Static and Bumblebee. Get everything that they know about the kidnapping."

Mount Justice

June 10th, 12:12

Aqualad interrogated Luthor about the disappearances, "Where..are..they."

Luthor's face was covered in blood, "You seem to have kept on to your fathers rage. How sweet."

Kaldur created a mace with his water bearers and hit him across the face with it, "We just went through an invasion, I never had time to fully mourn over my wife's death, I spent years with a mad man, and was put into a coma by my best friend." He knelt towards Luthor, "I'm a bit stressed."

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BTW, just noticed I said BB and Static where on the Tigress case then contradicted myself later by suggesting they were on the MM/Superboy case, apologies.

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Ah Teen Titans! When I first saw that I had to read it twice to make sure I hadn't misread it! Really enjoying it and I look forward to the next part!

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Not bad! I liked seeing that the Teen Titans were involved in the mission but it seems like this chapter was cut very short. A nice battle scene would have added more to the chapter.