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Title: X-Men Institute #3: Ice Skating Mutants Chapter 4: Let the Contest Begin!

Author: Rabbitearsblog

Universe: X-Men

Rating: K+

Summary:  When Professor Xavier asks the X-Men to earn some money for the Institute, the X-Men decided to enter a skating contest to win the prize. However, hilarity  
 ensures when the X-Men are having trouble practicing their skating moves!

Notes: Still writing this story as a sitcom/parody based story, so some characters might be a bit off character.  Enjoy and please be kind with the criticisms! 
The X-Men had trained long and hard for the ice skating championship (with a few bruises here and there). However, their training had finally paid off as the day of the ice skating championship had finally arrived!  Inside the skating ring, all of the contestants are briefly practicing their moves for the competition, while the X-Men were in the dressing rooms preparing themselves for the championship.

“Aw man! Why do we have to wear these sissy tights?” complained Bobby.

“Well, it’s a part of the rules Bobby.   You didn’t think that we were competing in jeans and T-shirts, did you?” asked Warren.

“Well, I would rather compete in jeans than wear these tights and looking like I just came out of a ballet class.   Although, I will admit that we would seriously get some major wedgies if we wore our jeans while skating,” said Bobby.

“Well it could have been worse. We could have been playing guitars and drums while we were skating. Now, that would be a sight to behold,” said Hank.

“And we would have fell on our butts in the process trying to master holding the drums and guitars while skating,” said Scott.

Suddenly, Kurt teleported in front of the guys in a cloud smelling of brimstone and said: “Hey everyone! The championship is going to start in five minutes! We better get ready!”

“Hey Kurt, where’s Logan and Peter?” asked Bobby.

“Oh, Logan really did not want to wear his skating uniform. So, Peter had to turn into his steel form to hold Logan down and get the uniform on him.   And, they should be coming out right about now,” said Kurt.

Logan came out with his blue and yellow skating uniform, looking extremely agitated at having to be forced into wearing that uniform.

“Hey Logan…” began Bobby.

“SHUT UP!” yelled Logan.

“Okay!” said Bobby backing away slightly.

Then Piotr came after Logan with his red and yellow skating uniform and looked exhausted.

“Boize Moi! It was hard trying to get that uniform onto Logan.   I thought I was going to die in there, but I have managed to get the uniform on him!   It is a wonder about how powerful steel can really be,” said Piotr, a bit relieved.

“Hey, you’re lucky I didn’t take my claws and stick them up your butt!” said Logan angrily.

Suddenly, a voice over the intercom came on and said: “Attention all ice skating contestants! Please report to the skating ring immediately for the championship!”

“Oh! That’s our cue!” said Warren.

All the male X-Men members quickly came out of the dressing room and began running towards the skating ring.   It was then that they met up with the female X-Men members.

“Hey girls! Wow, all of you are looking good!” said Bobby.

“Thanks Bobby! I never would have thought that some flowery looking skating uniforms would make us look nice for some serious competition,” said Jean Grey.

“Ugh! This suit is still so tight on me! These are uniforms that would have fitted better if I was a seriously super skinny model,” said Kitty.

“Well, perhaps it will not be so bad. This is probably the first and last time we will participate in a skating competition,” said Ororo, tugging at her black and white skating uniform.

 “Well, not only do we have to worry about our uniforms, but Kurt and I took the liberty to make sure our holographic inducers are working so that way, no one will be running and screaming the moment they see two blue ‘Cookie Monsters’ on the skating ring,” said Hank.

“Hey! I am not a cookie monster!” said Kurt irritably.

“Sorry, but I do think being called a ‘cookie monster’ lessens the furry blue monster nature a bit don’t you?” asked Hank.

Kurt looked at Hank briefly and said, “I suppose, although now you just gave everyone a new nickname to call us now.”

Everyone laughed until a booming voice came over the intercom and stated in a grand voice: “Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the National Ice Skating Championship! Today we will see many talented skaters showing off their abilities as they compete for the five-thousand dollar grand prize!”

“Five-thousand dollars, five-thousand dollars, five-thousand dollars…” said Bobby to himself.

“Keep on saying that, Bobby.   The five-thousand dollars will still be there until someone (hopefully us) wins it,” said Scott.

The booming voice continued, “So everyone, give us your best cheers for these competitors of the ice skating championship!”

The audience then began cheering loudly as the ice skating competition began.   As the first set of skaters began twirling on the ring, Warren looked at the skaters who were spinning around and started to look a bit green.

“Hey Warren! Are you okay?” asked Jean Grey.

Warren said sickly, “Sorry, but after doing all of those spins during practice, just seeing these skaters spin around is making me feel nauseous again…”   Warren then put a hand over his mouth again and started running towards the back of the ring.   The X-Men then heard more vomiting in the back.

“Do you think that he will be okay in the competition?” asked Kurt concerned.

“Well, I would want him to sit this out, but we got no replacements.   So, hopefully, he’ll be alright. Hopefully…” said Scott.

Finally, it was the X-Men’s turns to compete in the skating ring and since the competition starts off with the skating pair contest, Kitty and Piotr was the first pair to go up.

“Good luck you two!” cheered Jean Grey.

“Thanks!” said Piotr and Kitty together and they both began skating on the ring.

At first, everything was going well for the cute couple as they performed the unison skating and the Russian splits perfectly. But then, they began to try the dreaded throw jump!

“Alright Peter! Please don’t throw me up too high again!” whispered Kitty worriedly.

“Do not worry Katya! After doing this move for the past twelve times, I think I am able to suppress my strength long enough to pull this off,” said Piotr confidently.

Piotr then began to lift Kitty and then threw her up in the air.   Suddenly, Piotr glimpsed something red and cuddly underneath Kitty’s skirt and looked shocked for a moment.   However, despite his shock, he was able to catch Kitty easily, finishing the skating move.

“And there you have it folks!   Let’s hear it for the cute skating couple!”

The audience cheered wildly as Kitty and Piotr skated back towards the edge of the ring.

“You two were fantastic!” complimented Kurt.
“I think we really got this thing in the bag!” said Bobby cheerfully.
“Thanks you guys!” said Kitty proudly.

Piotr just looked at the others with a spaced out look in his eyes.   “Peter? What’s wrong?” asked Kitty.   Piotr looked at Kitty, turned her gently away from the group and whispered in her ear, “Katya, you did not tell me that you wear Elmo underwear.”

Kitty looked shocked for a moment and then grabbed Piotr lightly by the ear and said, “And if you mentioned this to anyone, we won’t kiss in the ‘comfy’ parts of the hallways ever again.”

“I understand, Katya.   And my ears will understand too as soon as you released them,” said Piotr smirking.

Next couple up was Scott and Jean Grey and they began the ice dancing technique where they both did a choreographed dance together.   Both Scott and Jean Grey were doing the moves so well that the audience were cheering loudly for them.

“What a spectacular finish! Let’s hear it for the perfect couple!” yelled the announcer.

Scott and Jean Grey started skating towards the back of the skating ring.

“See, Scott? I told you it would be easier skating once you get the hang of it!” said Jean Grey smiling.

“Yeah, I will admit that I’m glad that I didn’t fall on my face this time. Or for the twelfth time this week,” said Scott, making Jean Grey giggle.

Afterwards, the other X-Men began doing their skating moves and all of them were doing extremely well (with the exception of Warren almost throwing up on the ring when he did the spinning moves and Logan almost jumping at a man who insulted his uniform during his performance with Ororo).  

Finally, the competition was coming to a close and the announcer stated, “Well ladies and gentlemen! We have just witnessed the brilliant techniques shown by all of our competitors! And now, for the moment you all have been waiting for…”
Suddenly, an assistant came and whispered into the announcer’s ears.   The announcer then cleared his throat and said, “Ahem! Ladies and gentlemen, it seems like we have accidentally missed two more competitors in this competition.   So, allow us to introduce our two new competitors…ROGUE and GAMBIT!”

 Next chapter: Chapter 5

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