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I put an entry into the Character Creation Contest #6 and then was inspired. Being unable to enter TWICE into the one comp, I thought I'd put up my alternate story for fun. It's the idea that Abraham Lincoln and Matt Murdock...well read on and you'll see!

Rated M-MA, Marvel's sandpit, I'm just playing in it


3/10/65 I do try to remember my training when I speak to the representative of the Confederacy, using the breathing techniques Stick taught me so I don’t slam my fists into their faces!

3/11/65 This stupid, pointless war could’ve been ended so much earlier if Jefferson Davis and I went behind a barn and kicked nine shades of blue from each other! But he’s a gutless, spineless, yellow coward! Finally peace has broken out across this fine land.

3/12/65 I am in dire need of distraction and amusement! I have planned to take Mary to the theatre but that is not until Friday. I do hope another assassin comes for me soon. Each one they have sent; Kraven, The Owl, Bullseye, Tombstone I have sent back South broken and bloody!

3/13/65 I have convinced Major Rathbone to come along Friday with his fiancée. At the very least he and I can spar after the women have gone to bed. Parker is my bodyguard but is far more useful as a doorstop than a bodyguard. I shall send him away at first opportunity.

3/14/65 They nearly succeeded in killing me! I was expecting another assassin, maybe my old lover Elektra or possibly Tarantula; rumours abounded that the famed Deadpool had taken up the bounty on my head. But it was simply a man. An actor with a grudge and a pistol that nearly took my life! He snuck into the box during a moment when the audience had erupted in laughter, which played havoc with my radar sense.

He yelled ‘Sic semper tyrannis!” which if he hadn’t, I would be DEAD! My radar caught an image, my hearing clicked in the sound of the hammer of the pistol and I smelt the black powder ignite. I leapt from my chair, the bullet blowing a hole where my head should’ve been. I slammed my foot into his jaw knocking him out, but I charged in and beat him with my fists for good measure. Rathbone had to prise me off him!

3/15/65 I question John Wilkes Booth, my would-be assassin to find that Wilson Fisk was behind it! There is no proof save this actor’s word but it is enough to rile up Major Rathbone who wants to send Castle and Cage around to his manor in Georgia and burn it to the ground. No, I must face Fisk alone but upon my terms. The South has lost, time that message was beaten home into that fat slug bastard!

3/16/65 The ride to Georgia is long, sore and boring. Revenge is better when it is swift!

3/17/65 I have turned back for home. I am the President of these United States, not some common bushwacker! I believe Major Rathbone’s plan has more merit than I first gave credit. I summon Cage, Castle along with Barton to have Fisk arrested on charges ranging from conspiracy to treason.

3/19/65 It is with some satisfaction I watch Wilson Fisk hang. As President, I should not delight in such barbarism…but as a man wronged, it makes my heart sing. Today is the dawning of a new age

3/21/65 Wilson’s son Richard, has stepped into his father’s shoes. Seems I have traded one problem for another! I sorely need to punch someone in the face…


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@batkevin74: interesting...

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Yes, very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the diary entry format, it complements the story very well,and does a lot to establish the tone. Fun to read, glad you decided to post it :)

" I am the President of these United States, not some common bushwacker!" - Favourite quote :D

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@batkevin74: cool I like it

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@poze: Thanks

@BumpyBoo: The bushwacker works also, since it's also the name of DD baddie! Ahh me being clever (pats self on back and has a biscuit!) You should drop an entry in comp #6, would love to see what your brain has for this type of thing :)

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@batkevin74: Hehe, have another biscuit, that WAS quite clever ^_^

And thanks, I will check it out :)

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When you get a free moment :)

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@batkevin74: Is it bad that I keep imagining Abe's top hat with tiny devil horns?

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@joshmightbe: Ha ha not at all :) You should drop an entry into the comp

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@batkevin74: I keep trying to think something up but I keep drawing a blank except for one Idea I wrote out that I realized was almost exactly the same as an opening to an episode of Batman the Brave and the Bold right down to the steam punk cyborg John Wilkes Booth

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This is different, The writing format is very neat, I like it - diary style etc.. I think, I actually think I would have voted for this if you submitted it :/ Well done good sir!

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@Pyrogram: Well this wouldn't of come about if I hadn't done the other one. Thinking of doing a few more of these, with different Super Heroes & Villians

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This one was even better then the contest entry.

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@wildvine: I know, seems the spin-off from this idea are better than my initial forray into the comp. Oh well, these things happen

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Very nice. This one has more Marvel mentions, and that's cool, but I think I liked the contest entry just a tiny bit better, because it ended with the mention of Abner Stark - I quite liked that. The idea of Castle, Cage and Barton as working for the president is pretty cool.

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@cbishop: Yeah this was just when you have one idea and it splinters into lots more. I like the idea of a blind ninja Abe Lincoln as the President who ends one problem to have another simply step into that problem's shoe. I did two others, a Nick Fury and a Superman one along with the Spider-Man...I think

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@batkevin74: Cool! Nothing wrong with variations on a theme. That's what the CCC is all about.