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As Cyclops wandered back down the steps of the vault he noticed a timer on the side of the stairs, counting down at eight minutes and thirty-six seconds, "Uh, guys," he called, "We need to hurry this up."

Ice-man was gazing at the floor with a smile, he reached into his cup and tossed a peace of ice across the floors infront of where he stood. The ice began to crackle and pop as it skiped then came to a hault. He popped a piece of ice in his mouth with a smile.

"Its electrified," Ice-man said, "Here I'll make a path."

He took a handfull of ice from his cup and tossed it into the floor. The ice crackled and poped, steamed and hissed until they slid to a hualt, reavealing a two by two path mid-way to the gem.

Gambit clapped the smaller man on the back, "Nice work, Mon Ami."


"Move up!" James called, "I want two cops on that door, be ready to fire, and shoot to kill!"

"But the girl-" one officer started.

"They won't kill the girl," James said, "They're not that stupid."

Anna moved up quickly to the dead body on the ground next to the door. James found it odd that she was examining the body of whoever that girl had been again. He walked up behind her as quite as he could as she stood and turned to him, searching her pockets until she removed her badge.

"Thats not going to help," he told her.

"No, chances are it won't," She agreed, "But I'm still going to flash the badge."

He turned his back on her, "Alright, nobody goes in aside from Agent Marie and I got that?"

"Yes, sir," a grunt, Officer Creed said with a nod.

James smiled and stepped inside. Anna nooded to Officer Creed as another grunt came running up, "Wait, wait, wait! Can I get an autograph?"

Anna looked at Officer Creed who offered a short explenation, "He's not all there."

"Ah," Anna smiled and ducked inside."

The officers shoulders slumped, "Ah, I missed them."

"Shut up, Wade," Creed growled.


"Guys," Cyclops shouted, "We've got less then five minutes left on this timer."

"You've less then that!" a voice shouted from behind, "Agent Howlett, F.B.I. Freeze!"

Cyclops whirled gun in hand, ready to fire. There was a second agent with him and he knew he could take out both. Cursing himself for ever having taken this job, he lowered the gun and raised his hands.

"Anna," Angent Howlett was saying, "His gun."

"James, look out there's another behind you!" Anna cried.

Anna smiled and smacked James hard with the back of her pistol before he could turn. Quick enough that Cyclops was left confused. The agent groaned as he stumbled foreward, blinking rapidly then fell over, face first. Cyclops could only gaze at the female agent in wonder.

"Remy, my love I got your note!" Anna shouted.