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The door opened with a bang and the three stepped in. Two shots where fired, one nailing the rich woman still whining about the mix up with the rings, the other the young man behind the counter. The young woman, Wanda, yelped in terror.

"Hey," the man in the first ski-mask turned to the other two, a tall man with a large bo-staff and a man with a cup of ice, "Get the cameras."

"Right, Mon Ami," the tall one said firing.

The man who'd given the order, his ski-mask missing one eye stepped up to the counter, "We're here to make a purchase." The other two laughed.

"W-wha-what can I help you gentlemen with?" She stuttered.

He smiled at her, a row of pearl white teeth, "Take us to your vault."

"I-I'm sorry sir, this is all we-" The girl started to stammer.

Cyclops grabbed her head, "Don't bull shit me. You're the owner's daughter right? You think he'd take me if I held you captive?"

A young woman in green entered, also wearing a ski-mask, strolling over to the counter. She took Cyclops by the arm and gave it a squeeze, "Give me a moment with her, Sweety?"

"What?" Cyclops felt confused.

Phoenix wrapped her hand around the fist Cyclops held Wanda's hair in and slowly pried it loose keeping her eyes on his, "This needs a more... womanly touch, Dear."

"Uh, right?" Cyclops said letting go and wandering back to the other two.

Ice-man snorted a laugh, "Told ya, she messes with your head man."

"Yeah," Cyclops said brushing off his arm, "I guess so?"

"Oh, she didn't mess with you mentally did she," Ice-man laughed pointing at Cyclops' pants.

"Cut it out," Cyclops frowned, "You act like you've got no one."

"I don't," Bobby frowned.

The three sat in silence a moment. The other two looked at Gambit who watched the women in the room. He turned to them, "What?"

"You have anyone?" Ice-man asked.

"Ui," Gambit replied.

Bobby leaned forward as if he where expecting something, "That's it?"

Gambit gave him a look, "Aren't we working?"

"It calms my nerves," Ice-man said.

Gambit smiled, "She's belle pour une brunette et son nom est Anna."

"Damnit man you know we don't speak French," Bobby snapped, "In English you fro-"

Jean tapped him on the shoulder, "She says she'll help us."

"Great," Bobby smiled, "Lets get a move on."

"She has a requirement," Phoenix said waiting for the other's full attention, "We need to get a medic for the boy you shot."

Ice-man smiled, "That's where I come in. I've got some experience in this kind of thing."


"James," Rogue cried rushing into his office, "The silent alarm is going off at Magnus Jewelers."

James looked up from his case file, "Then what the hell are we doing here? Lets go."

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Very cool man, I'm liking your jewel thieving Xmen more and more