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Title: The Mind Warper Part 1

Author: Rabbitearsblog

Universe: X-Men

Rating: T - For Some Disturbing Moments

Summary: When a mysterious being invades the Institute, Kitty and Colossus must stop this evil being from getting the secret it needs. But can they survive the torturing mind warping that this being possesses?

Notes: Please be gentle with the criticisms! :D



It was a beautiful sunny day at the Jean Grey Institute and all the students were busy walking to their classes. But, unbeknownst to the students, a mysterious shadowy figure was sitting in a tree nearby the institute. The figure was watching from above the ground at the frenetic activities caused by the students and it smiled wickedly to itself.

“Look at all the little mutant children going to their classes. Enjoying life and not having a care in the world. Well, they certainly have no idea about what is in store for them. Once, I get the one item that will make me more powerful, nothing will stop me from over taking this pathetic Institute!”

The shadowy figure then jumped down from the tree and making itself invisible, it walked among the students without being noticed. Then it silently walked inside the Institute and hid in the shadows, waiting for its chance to put its plan into motion.

Chapter 1: Old Pains…

Kitty Pryde, codename SHADOWCAT, was standing by the window on the top floor of the Institute, watching the students going to their classes. She smiled as she remembered that many years ago she was once a student of the Institute. Now, she is currently the headmistress of the Jean Grey Institute and really enjoyed teaching the students about learning how to control their powers and using them for good.

However, when she saw two students, a young boy named Julian Keller, codename HELLION and a young girl named Laura Kinney, codename X-23, holding each other’s hands, she thought about her past romantic relationship with Piotr Rasputin, codename COLOSSUS. About two years ago, the X-Men had split up into two different teams: one team was for Wolverine, who decided against having children being involved in battles and the other team was for Cyclops, who decided that children needed to be involved in battles to get the job done. Even though Kitty herself was involved in battles when she was young, she didn’t want anymore children being hurt in battles and risk losing their childhoods in the process, so she joined up with Wolverine’s side. However, she realized that in doing so, she had lost the love of her life, Piotr Rasputin as Piotr was forced to side with Cyclops because he was affected by the Cyttorak’s influence at the time. However, that seemed to be an issue long ago forgotten when Piotr lost the influence of the Cyttorak after he was possessed by the Phoenix Force, which made matters worse for the both of them. After that, Piotr was briefly on the run from the Avengers for his actions as one of the Phoenix Five. However, once Piotr did some community service for New York City, he was able to get off of the charges and decided to return to the Jean Grey Institute to work as the art teacher. Kitty knew that Piotr loved children and he always wanted to teach art to them and she smiled to herself when she remembered Piotr’s happy reaction to being accepted at the Institute.

But even though Piotr was back at the Institute, things still haven’t been the same between them ever since the incident with the Phoenix Force. Kitty knew that Piotr wasn’t himself when he was possessed by the Phoenix Force, but still it had hurt her just as much as it had hurt Piotr when the Phoenix Force made him say things that he didn’t mean. Kitty so much wanted her and Piotr to maintain the same relationship that they had before the whole Cyttorak incident, but so much has happened between them that it might be impossible to get that relationship back. Kitty sighed sadly and then started walking down the hallway towards her office to sort through some papers.

Down the hallway in a classroom, Piotr Rasputin had just finished teaching his art class and was sitting back in his chair thinking to himself. Piotr had really enjoyed teaching art to the students and after the events that had happened two years ago, it was refreshing to do something that didn’t involve fighting enemies. But, whenever he remembered the events two years ago, he felt sorrow in his heart for how everything had turned out. Piotr remembered becoming the avatar of the Cyttorak in order to save his sister, Illyana from becoming the next avatar. Unfortunately, this act had caused him to lose his relationship with his long time lover, Kitty Pryde and since at the time, he couldn’t feel any emotions because of the Cyttorak’s influence, he finally felt the full burden of losing Kitty after he lost the demonic powers. Piotr desperately wished that he could get Kitty back and resume their relationship after Kitty was released from the bullet many years ago, but even he knew that it would be impossible to obtain that relationship, not after how things went between them for the past two years. Piotr sighed to himself and got up from his chair and he decided to take a walk in the hallway to clear his mind of such thoughts. When he was walking out of the classroom, he bumped into someone and started saying, “Oh, I am so sorry. I did not…”

Piotr then stopped talking when he saw the person he bumped into and he slightly hung his head down.

He then said quietly, “Hello…Katya.”

Kitty straightened herself up, looked up at Piotr and said quietly, “Hey, Peter.”

Kitty and Piotr stood there for a few minutes, not saying anything until Kitty asked, “So, how was your day?”

“It was wonderful actually. I managed to teach the children about sketch drawing today in class. Everything is going well with the students,” said Piotr.

“That’s great! I’m glad that you’re really enjoying teaching art class to students. I knew you would!” said Kitty brightly.

“Da, thank you Katya,” said Piotr with a smile on his face.

More silence.

“Well, I guess I better get back to my office. I got some work to do before the day finishes,” said Kitty.

“Da, with your new duties as the headmistress,” said Piotr.

“Right,” said Kitty.

More silence.

“Well, bye Peter,” said Kitty.

“Good bye, Katya,” said Piotr.

As the two former lovers walked away from each other, only one thought ran through their minds: even though they want to be in each other’s arms more than anything, they knew that it was not meant to be, not with how things are going on between them at the moment.

Later that night…

As soon as all the students went to their beds for the night, the shadowy figure materialized out of the shadows. It had decided to wait until nightfall for all the students and the teachers to go to their beds, so that way it would be much easier for the figure to carry out its vicious plan. As the figure started slinking through the hallways, it noticed that only two teachers were still up late in this hour and it laughed evilly to itself as it said:

“Finally, now I can accomplish my task in retrieving the items that I need for my ultimate goal! Now that these two mutant teachers are still roaming about, I will turn their worlds into the ultimate NIGHTMARE! Beware mutants, BEWARE.”