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The Flash

"No body move! Everyone on the floor now!"

There was a man in a ski mask at the back of the bank a rather large gun the likes of which many people had never seen. He was alone, that was a plus, most of the time these would-be-robbers come in packs and when they came in packs someone always got jumpy. Everyone seemed happy to oblige the man, after all none of them had thought to pack a gun themselves, even for protection.

A scarlet blur passed through the bank, "Well,whichdoyouwantthesepoorfolktodostayorlayonthefloor?Theycan'tdoboth."

The man's eyes widened as the Scarlet Speedster known as the Flash dashed around him in circles. The gun in the crooks hand looked as if it was pulling itself apart in front of hime and arranging itself in a neat patern on the floor until the only part that remain was what little was in the man's hand.

The man blinked at his hand tossed the grip aside and removed a switchblade from his pants pocket, "Oh, yeah? Lets see you pull this one apart you son of a-" Again the scarlet blur sped around him only releasing a flurry of slaps across the man's jaw until he released the knife.

"I'lltakethat," the speedster said and again the weapon was taken apart and layed out.

The man's eyes seemed to grow wild as he reached into the pocket of his hoodie, "You're just toying with me aren't you?"

"Aboslutly," came the quick reply.

"Well then," the man shouted removing a granade from the pocket, "Toy with this! I've already pulled the pin and timed it to blow the second I let go, I'm taking you with me!"

The blur slowed to a halt where it once was stood a man in a red suit, a large white circle engulfing a bolt of yellow lightening, "You wouldn't dare."

"I would!" The man screatched dramatically, "Just watch me!"

"You wouldn't kill your self, now," The Flash said calmly, "All over some money in the bank?"

The man looked at the people on the floor, "I would. All of them too! I'm not here for the money, I'm here to send a message!"

The Flash held his hands up in a pose of surender, "I'm sure we can talk this out," The Flash said holding out his hand, "Give me the granade and well discuss this message you need to send."

The man smiled, "Heroes are outdated."

The granade dropped.

An explosion rocked the bank and The Flash was knocked off his feet and into the air. He skid across a desk sending computers crashing and paperwork fluttering to the ground around. When the room stopped spinning and his ears stopped ringing he sat up looking out at the burning. It wasn't until the police and fire men rushed in that he felt the wet sticky parts of his suit where he'd once had a bleeding wound. He looked down to find the skin had healed around a piece of shrapnel.

He pulled it out and watched a people were pulled from the rubble of a mess he'd caused. He could live his whole life in the span of seconds, but today, when he needed his speed the most, he felt as slow as a sloth...


The man of steel watched the sky from atop the spinning globe of the Daily Planet. He smiled to himself as if he'd just heard the greatest joke on earth. Which, if truth be told, he had but the smile was there for another reason. He breathed in the crisp air allowing himself moments to relax. He knew, of course, that in moments he would be away fighting who knows what to keep Metropolis safe from whatever harms plauged it, but he chose to enjoy the calm before the storm.

The storm however, was coming earlier than the weatherman had predicted.

"Somebody save me!" a young woman called from below.

He stood, allowing enough wind to blow his cape around his thin and well muscled body and flow through his jet black hair. He scanned the streets and building below, allowing his x-ray vision to pass through the walls that blocked his path. Finally, he happened upon the sorce of the cry, miles away in the downtown park a man was holding an attractive woman by her throat.

Superman gave no second thought to the action and speed towards them as fast as his ablity to fly could take him. He landed a mear feet in front of the man and his hostage, arms crossed inadvertantly flexing his muscles in a threat that only he could make, "Let her go."

"Just the man I wanted to see," the man chuckled. Superman scanned him quickly only, to his dismay, finding a lead encased box in the man's pocket. The man smiled at him taking in the look of surprise on the superhero's face, "Like it? You can't touch me because you don't know what it is."

Superman took what he assumed to be calming posture, "You said you wanted to see me? Maybe we can talk about this-"

"Shut up, Hero," the man spat, "I've just come to give you a message."

"I'm listening," The superhero said slowly.

The other man tossed the girl to him and pulled a switch from his sweater, "Heroes are outdated." He hit the switch and flames erupted from his pocket sending Superman dashing into the air with the woman in his arms. He looked back in time to watch the flames lap up the trees.

The woman hugged his neck, "Thank you so much for saving me."

"Anytime," he said placing her on the sidewalk away from the flames. He sped towards the park blowing out the flames that he failed to stop. The man of steel looked down at a badly burned corpse, the other man's words still ringing in his ears, Heroes are outdated.

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I may just edit it this to be a solo Flash story.

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