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"This is the best St. Patrick's Day ever!" said the anchorwoman on the news "This is Emma Phony reporting from the St. Patty's Day parade! Now, to all of you watching... DIE!"

Emma pulled off her face, revealing her to be a robot.

Suddenly, robots emerged from all the parade floats, and started destroying everything. Suddenly, a guitar landed on a robot's head.

"Oops!" said a man standing on the very top of a parade float "Sorry, I got butterfingers..."

"Who are you?" asked the robot

"My name is, well..." he started "Butterfingers, and I'm here to foil you evil plot, I guess"

Butterfingers suddenly slipped and slid down the parade float, landing on and crushing the robot.

"Sorry" said Butterfingers

Butterfingers started trying to punch the robots, but kept missing

"Ha!" laughed a robot "Missed!"

Suddenly, Butterfingers fell over, on top of the robot

"Sorry" said Butterfingers "I'm a little clumsy..."

Butterfingers got up, but slipped backwards and knocked down another robot

"AAARGH!" the robots yelled

"Enough!" said a robot "We cant take it! Being constantly beat by you.... IT'S HUMILIATING!"

Suddenly, a government helicopter landed, and the president of the USA walked out

"Oh, authorities!" said the robot "Please, DESTROY US ALREADY!"

"Butterfingers" said the president of the USA "We need your help. The world needs your help".


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Really hilarious so far! Butterfingers sounds like an interesting hero! I would like to see where this goes!