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The moment that you were not waiting for is here...

Neil and Jubilee were riding the unicorn while Abraham Lincoln was inside it. They were heading for the Parthenon, the place where the Genie is... The place where they all die...

Alex hurried to follow Jubilee and Neil, on foot. Alex then tried to make up what he’s done... “ I redeemed myself in the book version. I should do it now. In this battle.” Alex said to himself...

As they arrived it was only Neil and Jubilee who confronted the Genie, The Unicorn used his stealth mode following them from behind. “ hey! You! Yeah you Idiot! It is me! Neil! The man of many voices! The Hero of this reality! I challenge you to a Battle!” our once reluctant-hero-now-a-brave-man Said firmly. “ umm.. Neil? Don’t try to sound like you are the strongest man around? “ Jubilee said.

Alex Got the chance To Catch Up to them...

“ Me versus your band of misfits, in exchange of your last two wishes? Ha! Let’s see what you got.” The Genie said as he saw Neil and Jubilee stepped up the Parthenon... It then warped into an arena... the two camps ready to go toe to toe for their own causes:

Neil-Save what I have messed up

Genie-Take revenge upon that bastard...

Alex-Redeem the evil deeds

Jubilee-For the order of worlds

The battle was not done physically because the two have been summoning characters from various media to protect themselves...

The Genie made the first move… he sent meteors which then ran down and almost hit Neil, but Neil Used a shield made of Adamantium to protect himself. Neil summoned a horde of Zubats and ordered these to attack the Genie, They were easily disintegrated by the Genie’s Red eyes Black Dragon... “We have the same amount of power!!! Victory is up to the one who has the most willpower to win” Neil said to Alex. As the Black Dragon charged towards Neil and his two companions Jubilee snuck to backstab the Genie... Armor ( X-men) shielded Neil from the dragon and ran towards the Genie She punched the Genie and Jubilee blasted him from the behind. The Genie was hurt and summoned the Cloverfield Monster which tried to take Armor, But because it cannot due to Armor’s strength, it took Jubilee then and flew away... “Jubez!” Alex said, Alex then angrily ran towards the Genie and took out that retractable dagger from his staff... He tried to stab the Genie but was shielded by a Snorlax which died immediately, he ran for the Genie but was once again immobilized by the Blob (X-men). The Blob was blasted by a laser beam. Then Armor and Alex made a gut twisting punch that made the genie flying...

“Neil make your Wish! Now!” Alex Yelled...

“I wish that all of these guys that died and were hurt go back to their own realities unharmed...” Neil wished... Then the whole world changed... Neil took a deep breath and saw the whole world warp...

“All is well...” Neil thought to himself... Then another retarded Idea came into Neil’s mind.

“I wish Money will rain the whole world for three days...” He wished.

But nothing happened...

The End...


This is a new Beginning for our hero as he faces another adventure!!!

what happened to the Genie?

Why did Neil's last wish did not come true?

watch out for Neil's new adventures Next week!!!

New series... same hero... pure craziness



Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


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Hmmm, not bad, but I think it could use a little more stringing together as far as story pacing goes.

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@ARMIV2: Yeah...

werking on that one...

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Applause. Bravo. Lovedit.

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@wildvine: Thanks Your Highness...