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NOTE: This is part of the Nolanverse. And this entire arc takes place before the Dark Knight.

Jim Gordon was tied to the chair.

Zsasz was threatening him with a knife.

The new mother and her baby were both terrified.

So much can go on in one hospital room.

"Shut it, Gordon!" Zsasz ordered. "I'm not going back to Arkham."

"Go die somewhere, Zsasz!" yelled Gordon.

Zsasz turned around. He walked toward the baby.

The baby's mother punched him in the face.

"Okay, I'll drop the weapon." he said. "Geez."

He put the knife in his pocket.

"ZSASZ!" screamed Gordon.

"Daddy just wants to see his little girl." said Zsasz.

"You are not the baby's father, Zsasz!" Gordon shouted.

Suddenly, Batman crashed in through the window.

"Saw that comin'...." murmered Zsasz.

"Let them go..." said Batman.

"I escape Arkham...." said Zsasz. "and come all this way.... just to be beaten by a psychotic winged rodent?"

"LET THEM GO!" yelled Batman.

"Okay...." said Zsasz. "But what about YOU?"

Zsasz pulled out a knife and tackled Batman, stabbing him in the chest.

"NO!!!!!" screamed Gordon.

"Nice try...." growled Batman.

"Eh?" said Zsasz.

Zsasz took his knife from the Dark Knight's chest and looked at it more carefully.

It was broken.

"Metal suit?" he asked.

"Metal suit." answered Batman.

Batman grabbed Zsasz, threw him out the window, and pulled out a remote and pressed a button on it.

As Zsasz fell, the Batmobile automatically drove over and broke his fall.

"You killed him?" Gordon asked.

"No." answered Batman.

Batman leaped out the window as the police busted into the room.


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It is slightly different than the Nolan movies. I have not figured out if that is a good thing or a bad thing.