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Originally, this was done as a synopsis (which you can read here!) One person commented telling me to write it up and so I've begun. I may not update regularly and it may not be fantastically written but, it's a first attempt at writing something like this in a long time. So, here is the beginning bit! If you've noticed slight alterations it's because my writing's taking me somewhere else and I've ended up trailing off a bit. The dialogue on this one is very Golden Age-Esque but that was the feeling I was going for.


The ancient Red sun beamed across Krypton’s Science Facilities, where the El Family slept. Jor-El, a devoted Kryptonian had decided to move into his work place after his recent discovery of the end of his homeworld. Now, only days away, Jor-El had little time to finish his plan to save his people, to save his family. While his wife and baby slept with the red tainting across their bodies, while Jor-El was awake and working. As quietly as possible, scans and machinery were operating smoothly on two plans: his original and the contingency. Occasionally, holograms would appear from time to time of different programmes that Jor-El was adding to his plans.

The sound did not wake his sleeping son, only a few months old. Jor-El had wept tears for his son knowing that he may not get a chance to live on the ancient Planet that the El family for centuries had called home. If they weren’t lucky, it would be destroyed. However, no one else in the Elder Science Council believed El’s theory, he was called a fool and mad. If only the Brainiac SuperComputer had even mentioned the soon destruction of Krypton then, and only then, would the Council believe him. For now, he was a fool, dedicating his riches and mind to a supposed waste of a plan.

Jor-El looked to his window and gazed at the fire ball that was rising, aeons old. Krypton’s main sun was recorded as one of the oldest in the known Galaxy. Jor-El found it beautiful but, he knew that once it was a much younger star. In those days, it gave powers to Kryptonians, making them warriors of Legend and Myth. That was centuries ago, now the Star was much more ancient and near the end of its life. But Jor-El could not shake off the feeling its life span had been cut short due to very complex and powerful technology. Technology that would not only end the Star but, all of Krypton.

As the machines peddled, a cry was head in the background. Jor-El tried ignoring it until it became too loud and suddenly, Lara-Van El appeared with her’s and Jor-El’s son in her arms; Kal-El.

“The machines got too loud, Jor-El, it woke up young Kal.”

“I am sorry Wife, but it is imperative that I finish these plans. There’s only so much time left before the end arrives.” His tone was full of melancholy; there was already a definitive grievance within him.

“You’ll get it done Jor, I know you will.” As always, his wife was a comfort in his studies. The young boy in her arms then reached his arms out for his father, giving him a hug.

“You know, it is him that I do this all for—” Suddenly, an eruption of noise came out of nowhere and the ground began to shakes. The machines all were vibrating as if an Earthquake had just hit. In seconds, it was over.

“Oh no…” Jor-El trailed off and suddenly a computer screen opened with an emergency message from the Science Council.


Mayhem hit all of Krypton, from its Capital City of Kandor to the far reaches of the Planet’s Science Facilities. Jor-El may have had other family but now, only his son and his wife were important. He began to press several buttons on consoles and the mechanical arms and screens all began to assemble. In the centre of the room, a somewhat egg shaped metal rocket was slowly being made. This half made ship’s creation process had just been sped up, with the robotics working as fast as they could to build it before another tremor would come across Krypton. Though, even with the panic and the confirmation of his theory, Jor-El knew there was something wrong with the idea that the Planet was shaking. Something was terrible wrong.

“What do we do?” Lara-Van asked her husband. She had begun to swell up slightly, nervous as to what her fate would hold. A new mother and devout wife, she had watched as her Husband struggled with late nights and proving his theory correct. It was all to do with the age of the sun and an escape plan for all of Krypton. With these sudden tremors and rush, there was little chance that he could save everyone. Looking at her young child, she then turned to an already rushed Jor-El. Suddenly, a Scientist burst through two doors on the other side of the room. An elder scientist came through with a memory pad that was sealed by the highest of Council seals.

“Jor-El, we mocked your theories for so long and yet, they are truth! With little time—” Another tremor hit, nearly knocking everyone to the ground. Outside, the recently red sky that had only just arisen was beginning to look like the great skies of Krypton were bleeding. The pad was passed to Jor-El and he raised an eyebrow for a second, only to press his finger on the seal and the screen lit up to show “BRAINIAC SYSTEM”. A scornful glare came across Jor-El’s face for just a moment but he soon refrained himself. This was, after all, a piece of the fountain of knowledge that made up of all the things that Kryptonians had learnt across Millennia and millennia of life. Now, it was all going to go away. Jor-El would mourn if he only had the time.

Another tremor, the only thing remaining still was the fear of the People of Krypton. Gathering things together, Jor-El then added the pad of Brainiac to the ship. He then took two discs and placed them neatly into two holders, to which locked on. With the machines working hard, the Scientist then took a good look at his child and wife. The assistant leaving, the tears slowly began to flood down his face. Holding his wife’s hand and helping hold his baby, the Kryptonian family knew that the end was close now.

“Lara…I have failed you…I’m sorry. I truly am, please, if we wait a little more time there will be enough space for you and Kal-El to leav—”

“No!” Lara-Van pleaded, “I cannot go to start a new life with Kal-El without you, I would forever live with the guilt. Send Kal-El, alone, to a new world where it is safe. Though risky, we can hope perhaps to send him to a world where he may do good such as the old legends that you’ve created Holograms of, Nightwing and Flamebird and your ancestors. Please, Jor-El, it will be easier….”

A tremor struck and the building started to crumble, the robotics now working faster then ever to make sure that the Rocket was complete. Krypton was beginning to slowly rise in its temperature and soon enough, there would be a huge explosion of heat and fire. Jor-El stayed with his family but thought, in the back of his mind: This is all happening far too suddenly. It cannot happen this quickly, it is scientifically impossible. Even with a sun as old as the one his Planet had, it was impossible. There was moment where some ships were seen flying away but they seemed to be getting destroyed by the dozen. Screams were not heard, the voices of so many of a once powerful race faded away. Reports of the City of Kandor’s disappearance were delivered to some of the last “BrainiacCenterMessages”.

The once great planet of Krypton was reduced to a burning wreck, with only minutes left. All of it had happened so suddenly. There was a beep on the Rocket and it was then finished. Jor-El half smiled before taking his baby and holding him for a moment. There were no tears, simply a slight frown on both of his parents’ faces. There was something deep inside of them that knew this boy was destined for greatness, that this boy was the Last Son of Krypton. Suddenly, Kal-El was placed within the rocket and he slowly fell to sleep. The large red rocket then closed and began to fire off into space, managing to escape the atmosphere quickly enough. A red rocket headed for the stars, inside a baby slept. Around him were few consoles, compact enough to travel and a key and lock with two projectors ready for Holograms to be activated. Heading far away from the dying planet, the baby Kal-El travelled with the last fragments of Krypton inside his ship.

What appears to be only minutes to Kal-El in his sleep but in reality were days, the ship then found itself hurtling towards a Planet safe to live on in a much younger system. This system's sun was younger and its people not as advanced as Kryptonians were. But, according to scans, it was somewhere ideal for Kal-El to begin a new life. AS the rocket headed towards some patch of Mid-Western farm in Northern America, a truck suddenly got to a halt. A middle aged couple sat within got out their car. A gentlemen in a red shirt and blue dungarees appeared, a rifle in his hand and ready to fire as he began to walk closer and closer to, each step more nervous then the other. Raising his gun high as he got to the smoke, he noticed a rocket shaped design.

“My God, Martha...What is this thing?” Jonathan Kent, the owner of the farm, asked his wife. She stood in disbelief, her blonde eyebrows raised and fear making his slightly jittery. Jonathan, keeping his pride, slowly crept up. Finally, the smoke cleared. Ready to shoot, aiming his gun high expecting something unknown. He then saw the innocent eyes of a young boy. Lowering his gun, he signalled to his wife it was safe. Though, he wasn't sure of that. What if this thing had shapeshifted? The thought of it was scary. Yet...It looked so innocent. So young, so fresh. But it carried a weight and sadness in its eyes. Martha leant over and smiled at the baby.

“Well, there's nothing to fear about you, is there, hmm?” Her maternal instincts had kicked. Though strange, though mysterious, the couple felt like this baby was a gift brought to them. Looking around the mess that had landed with the baby, it appeared to be some sort of ship. The couple proceeded to pick up the baby and suddenly, the rocket around him started to shape up and several sounds were made and it quickly started to roll and transform. The Kents followed it for a moment and it quickly turned into a shed.

“I'll be damned...” Jonathan managed to spurt out. Whatever was going on here, it was definitely going to change things.

“I don't think this baby has anywhere to go Jonathan--”

“You're probably right but Martha – how can we trust it?”

“What do you mean?” Martha said while cradling the child, who she had realised while looking at his face that he was a boy. “This is pretty crazy, John. I know that. But, we've been trying for a kid for months and nothing has happened. We gave up God, thinking he would bless, thinking he would help us in our dark hour and he didn't. But, I think this was his help. He sent this boy, this angel,” She lifted him up in the air and smiled. “To us. Yeah, maybe it's something wrong, maybe we should call someone. Maybe people will come looking but, I cannot just leave him. And I know you and one of the many reasons I love you Jonathan Kent is that I know you can't just leave him either.” She gave him a wide grin and the baby giggled slightly. Jonathan wanted to argue, he wanted not to trust the child. But, as the baby boy turned, he looked into his eyes. They were full of trust but with mourning and yet, loving.

“I think we better get home, s'all a bit sudden but you look like you've got nowhere to go fella, do ya?” He said, smiling to the young boy. The couple, now with a third joining their family walked back to the car in the distance. They could barely believe what had happened. All they knew is that their own angel had dropped from the sky with the face of young boy. A young boy who, little did they know, was the last of kind. For now, he had become Clark Joseph Kent. And, there was already something super in his life....

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Pretty good, my man. Looking forward to where you take this.

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@sentryssj4: Thanks very much!:D I enjoyed writing it, really nice and fun!

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